Sleeping bed 160

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"First" is a collection of furniture for people looking for simple, safe and unique furniture thanks to the materials used.


"First" collection - functional, safe furniture for children's and teenagers' rooms


The "first" collection was created with the needs of future parents and children in mind. After research and analysis of all data, we received enough information to create a furniture collection that would correspond to the stages of a child's development. Furniture from this collection will accompany the child from the very beginning: from the extra bed (something new on the furniture market - an extension to the cot), to the "first" cot and ending with a functional, comfortable children's couch. Our offer includes not only furniture typical for newborns, such as a chest of drawers with a changing table or a wardrobe, but also multifunctional furniture. Such furniture will look lovely not only in the child's room, but also in the bedroom and even the living room. This collection has a comfortable bedroom bed that comes in two sizes. When creating "first", we did not forget about safety, of course - all the corners are round, and the fittings used are safe for children and strong. The "first" collection is a great solution that allows you to enjoy beautiful, functional furniture, using it for a long time.


Materials and colors:


When creating "FIRST", we made every effort to select ecological and high-quality materials. For the construction, we used veneered chipboard (only natural oak veneer). The fronts are made of lacquered MDF board, and all handles are made of solid wood. We have significantly limited the colors in this collection. The result is a very harmonious combination of natural oak with pastel-colored fronts.


The collection is made of the highest quality materials. Particular attention was also paid to issues related to ecology. All wooden elements (including veneers) are hand-coated with safe, natural vegetable oils. The fronts of the cabinets and drawers are made of MDF board, and many furniture elements are painted with ecological acrylic varnishes.


The mattress and the bed cover are a separate price item.


The new Light Line by Timoore:

Body and fronts made of laminate.


  • height: 89 cm
  • length: 205 cm
  • width: 182 cm

* the manufacturer reserves the right to change the dimensions of the product.

*ATTENTION!!! This piece of furniture is designed for self-assembly.


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Sleeping bed 160

"First" is a collection of furniture for people looking for simple, safe and unique furniture thanks to the materials used.

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