The name of the collection comes from the Italian word giro - which means round and refers to the roundness resulting from quilting the seats and backs. The modular system enables all adaptations and combinations of elements. GirO is a continuation of the NOi collection, it is based on the same modules and dimensions. However, in this case, the original element is a 30 x 30 cm cube made by quilting, which makes the individual modules look like blocks of chocolate. It differs from its sister collection in the clear folds of the fabric that give the entire GirO line a unique beauty, as well as a leather strap decorated with a golden buckle that secures the backrest.

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The modular set of Giro furniture

The GIrO collection is inspired by Parisian chic and fits perfectly into high rooms, stuccoes and colors of nature. The nonchalant elegance and skillful combination of styles allows for a non-dozen arrangement of the room. The Giro furniture collection suits both the classic design (enriching the visual effect of the furniture) and the modern arrangement of the room.

To obtain the desired shirring effect, we recommend that you choose fabrics in natural weaves for the GIrO collection, e.g. linen-like braids in light, natural colors.