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Garden water features

Water features have become very popular garden decorations in recent years. Their variety and originality attract people like a magnet. Garden water features are like sculptures which, in addition, effectively pour water out of themselves. This range from our Strade Furniture shop guarantees an effective appearance and low maintenance costs. Could there be anything better? Yes! Water features from Strade Furniture are very often illuminated with LED lights, are created from stainless steel, or are ceramic. In addition, some of our garden water features are handmade, which guarantees their uniqueness. Importantly, Strade Furniture is a large supplier of water installations within the EU and beyond. We offer decorations, water installations, cascades made of: Stone, Resin, Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete, Stainless Steel, Metal Zinc, Corten, Ceramic and Table Standalone Water Installations.

In this case, you can be guaranteed that you will definitely find something for yourself. Another important aspect is that the products in question are suitable for outdoor conditions, so you don't have to worry that something might damage them. An important point is the huge choice of sizes, as some of these, are less than a metre long! While the largest water structures reach over 3 metres. Your guests and neighbours will certainly not miss such a large and effective garden decoration. See for yourself how big a water feature can be!

Water features ideas

It is a known fact that everyone is looking for different inspirations as to how to beautify their home and garden. As a manufacturer of home and garden furniture, we have experience in finding such ideas. That is why we have decided to inspire you to create an interesting decor using our products! Ready-made ideas for garden water features will make it easier for you to imagine what your garden could look like. People who love animals will certainly love animal-related decorations. Our proposal for them is the Renata Ceramic Owl water feature. This beautiful decorative ornament, will do a great job in adding a delicate touch to your home.

Important aspects, is the fact that this water feature is completely autonomous, easy to set up, energy efficient, and adds a sense of peace and tranquillity. Furthermore, it is worth bearing in mind that it is for indoor use only. For those who like to shock, we suggest the Helsinki Stainless-Steel garden water feature. This standalone stainless-steel fountain adds contemporary style to any garden. Water flows through the sphere, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Easy to unpack and install without any tools. Plus, it's low voltage, has an LED light assembly, is completely self-sufficient, and is safe for children and pets. What more do you want? If you want a garden water feature from our company to host at your home, check out our offer!