Meb Wardrobes

Meb Wardrobes are a combination of exceptional quality and aesthetic values. This furniture is made of good quality materials that are laminated boards in the colour of natural wood (dark or light), white, black or multicoloured. Choose between classic wardrobes and furniture with additional drawers or lockers, ideal for storing laundry, towels or bedsheets. The range of Meb includes traditional wardrobes and with sliding doors.

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Morena wardrobe


A large wardrobe which is equipped with a 4-door, 2-drawers and 1-shelf. In the middle of the wardrobe there is a rail for hanging clothes and 1 shelf above the bar and under the bar. However, there are 3 shelves behind the middle door.

Wardrobes from the Meb collection - everything you need

Have you ever seen an inhabited flat without a wardrobe? No, because it's impossible! Each of us needs a place to store various things, clothes, and many other items. That is why it is so important to have at least one wardrobe in our flat. If you are looking for such a piece of furniture, which will serve you solidly for many years, you couldn't have found a better place! Meb wardrobes are a combination of exceptional quality and aesthetic values. This furniture is made of good quality materials, which are laminated boards. You will find them in a variety of colours, such as natural wood (dark or light), white, black or multicoloured.

You can choose between classic wardrobes and furniture with extra drawers or compartments. Their capacity makes them ideal for storing underwear, towels or bedclothes. In the offer of this collection there are also traditional wardrobes and those with sliding doors. In addition, this furniture is characterized by different dimensions, useful functions and original design. This makes it easy to find a wardrobe perfectly suited to your needs at Strade Furniture! For a long time, we have been creating wardrobes and entire furnishings for the home or garden. We know our stuff, so you can trust us!

Types of wardrobes - Meb furniture collection

Due to the fact that we have a huge selection when it comes to wardrobes, they are not one type. In order to focus on the potential needs of our clients, our offer includes many options of these products. One-door wardrobes are ideal for studios as well as youth rooms! They are not too big and take up little space, but they definitely surprise with their capacity! If you are looking for slightly larger furniture, we present two and three-door wardrobes. They are usually a combination of two apparatuses with a hanger, and in combination with drawers and shelves they are perfect for bedrooms. They are great for flats with a large family, or a considerable number of roommates.

Large wardrobes with sliding doors are definitely something for clothes lovers. Not only are they extremely functional and roomy, but they are suitable for storing both personal and outerwear. The great aspect is that they can function as wardrobes. On the other hand, corner wardrobes are a solution intended for rooms where there is no space to put a traditional wardrobe. Thanks to this, we strategically arrange the furniture so that it takes up as little space as possible. Being on the subject of a small amount of space, wardrobes with a mezzanine will be perfect in such flats. Because a mezzanine in the form of additional cabinets and shelves is an ideal solution in such places.

The last option are wardrobes for the youngest, that is, for children and teenagers. Due to their purpose, they are characterized by the presence of colourful inserts. Moreover, they bring cheerfulness and good energy to a child's or teenager's room. This wide choice of wardrobes is at your fingertips. Opt for furniture from Strade Furniture!