San Marino

San Marino collection by Alexander Rose of traditional poly rattan furniture

The Philippines is home to the best weavers in the world. Therefore, it is a great pride to present a stunning collection of outdoor furniture produced in a factory on the Philippine island of Cebu. Each element perfectly combines aesthetics and comfort with interesting shapes of The furniture and unique details that catch the eye. Each component of the collection is made of high-quality materials: light and yet solid aluminium frames are the perfect support for a 3mm circular weave in the colour of pine red. The fibres are environmentally friendly, durable and 100% recyclable - they are also weatherproof and UV resistant, making them the perfect choice for your garden or patio.

San Marino garden set

The San Marino garden set includes a rattan bar, round rattan tables with glass and teak tops, rectangular rattan tables, rattan armchairs, rattan lounger and rattan sofa.

Comfort seats

..................rattan armchairs, rattan lounger and rattan sofa.

Materials in this collection:

Ocean Pearl - 10-year warranty

Aluminium frames - 10-year warranty

Olefin pillows - 2-year warranty

Tempered glass - 3-year warranty

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