The line of furniture from the Sherwood collection is a modern combination of traditional styles of furniture. The collection has many of the most popular designs, so whether you're buying a couch or a dining set, you'll find something for your taste and pocket. The brushed finish of this piece of furniture is achieved by treating the wood before assembling each part.

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Sherwood Turnberry Bench 5ft

A comfortable bench for 3 people. The profiled backrest of the bench helps keep your spine in the correct position. Made of hard wood resistant to various weather conditions.
31 kg
1570 × 620 × 970 mm

Sherwood St George Bench 5ft


A comfortable bench for 3 people. Made of acacia hardwood. In the interests of your healthy spine, the backrest of the bench has been profiled to fit your back.

Height: 146cm

Width: 62cm

Depth: 92cm

Sherwood reclining armchair

A fold-out armchair that can also be used as a deckchair. It is convenient and practical. Made of hard wood and properly protected, it will be used for many years
18 kg
970 x 560 x 980 mm

Sherwood Lutyens Bench 6 ft

A beautiful, decorated bench for 3-4 people. With a beautiful backrest, this bench will decorate any garden. It will withstand difficult weather conditions for many years.
35.5 kg
1800 × 640 × 1040 mm

Sherwood Gateleg table 1.2M x 1.2M


A table for 4 people. A practical set that can be easily stored. Made of acacia hardwood, which has been additionally protected against changing weather conditions.

height: 74cm

width: 120cm

length: 120cm

Sherwood furniture set


A set of furniture for 2 people. Made of acacia hardwood and properly protected so that it can be used against harsh weather conditions.

Height: 179cm

Width: 70cm

Depth: 88cm

Sherwood Folding Chair


Practical, weather-resistant folding chair. You can fold the chair when you don\'t need to use it anymore. It doesn\'t take up much space when folded.

Height: 60cm

Width: 47cm

Depth: 91cm

Sherwood coffee table


A low coffee table, a must-have accessory when you like to drink your morning coffee surrounded by beautiful plants

Height: 43cm

Length: 120cm

Width: 65cm

Sherwood Childrens Bench

A small bench for children that will make young users happy to be in the garden. Safe for children to use and resistant to weather conditions.
8 kg
750 × 400 × 600 mm

Sherwood chair

A simple chair that can be used in a set with a table or on its own. Made of hardwood and additionally protected to survive harsh weather conditions
10 kg
470 x 560 x 570 mm