At Strade Furniture, you will find both classic and old-fashioned bookcases, perfectly fulfilling their role in a study or office. These bookcases come in modern, non-standard shapes and colours, so that you can feel original in your workplace. Robust, stylish and well-designed, these bookcases will provide the right storage conditions for your books and binders.

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Velvet 18 Free-standing bookcase



The combination of the color of rustic oak and black oak with a classic block of furniture makes these pieces of furniture to furnish above-average spaces in your apartment. Solid chests of drawers and cabinets, shelves, TV cabinets, dressing tables will allow you to store many everyday items. Many of these pieces of furniture have been additionally supplemented as standard with a decorative illuminated solid wood strip that brings out the beauty of oak wood. Relax, chill or socialize with this Velvet collection!

Collection Dover, bookcase with three drawers


Solid chests of drawers, cabinets, shelves, wardrobes are furniture with fronts made of cherry-colored foiled furniture board with many shelves and drawers, allowing you to store additional items. A simple door handle made of stainless steel allows you to easily reach the interior of the furniture.

Solidly made of good materials that guarantee that they will serve for many years.

Collection Vievien, single door bookcase


The combination of the color of cognac stained oak with black laminate in a medium gloss with a classic block of furniture makes this furniture furnish above-average spaces in your apartment. Solid chests of drawers and cabinets, shelves will allow you to store many everyday items. Many of the furniture has been supplemented in standard aluminum handles escapes the beauty of oak wood oak. Relax, rest or socialize with this Vievien collection!

Office bookcases for storing books and documents

The library is an integral part of any office. A well-decorated office space is characterized by the fact that there is room for everything, so we can talk about harmony and order. Also, the more order there is around, the more efficient the work that is done. Some of the most commonly used furniture for this purpose are bookcases and book racks, in addition, shelves, cabinets and tables. Why? Well, book racks are one of the simplest yet most necessary pieces of furniture that can be found not only in an office or home office. Although usually the bookcase is characterized by a simple design, this does not mean that the furniture will not attract attention with its shape. You will see this by looking at Strade Furniture's range of furniture. In our furniture shop you will find classic bookcases, which perfectly fulfil their role in the office, as well as those of modern, non-standard shapes and colours. These will provide adequate storage for books and folders. We invite all our customers to get acquainted with our rich assortment of bookcases and shelves, which allow you to arrange your office or study space in an unusual way and give it an appropriate look and functionality.

Bookcases and book stands for your office

Each piece of furniture, put up for sale in our online store, was made with our customers in mind and to serve them as long as possible. The furniture is made of high quality materials and thoroughly checked in the production process. We sell whole sets of office furniture as well as single elements. This makes it easy to create the right set of office furniture. High quality bookcases, bookcases and cabinets should be found in every office, where they take care of its high functionality and harmony of the interior. Of course, many of these office supplies can be used in your own home. These and other types of furniture can be found in our shop. For contrasting offices, the bookcase from the Vievien collection is perfect. This furniture, was created with solid oak colour stained cognac and modern laminate in black matte. Great for offices and offices with a dark finish. It has as many as three large shelves and one cabinet, which guarantees plenty of space for your books and documents. For fans of classic solutions, we have prepared an office bookcase from Dover collection. This furniture has as many as four shelves and three drawers, so it is perfect for a study. The primavera cherry colour breaks its simplicity, giving the bookcase character and elegance. This book rack was created for the individualist who appreciates simple options. If you are interested in more of our office shelving offers, we welcome you and wish you a successful shopping experience.