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Corners and sofas are universal furniture for a living room, a children's or a youth room and even a bedroom where there is no place for a traditional bed. Functional corners and high-quality sofas, which additionally impress with the design and colors, can be found in the Meb collection.

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LIVIA corner sofa bed


The structure of the corner is made of durable and solid natural wood, the filling is made of soft wave springs and flexible polyurethane foam. The corner sofa has a large and spacious container for bedding. The corner is characterized by modesty, and the modern design perfectly emphasizes the uniform color of the fabric, delicate curves and subtle stitching.

Corner sofa NEST I


The Nest corner sofa bed is a convenient and comfortable piece of furniture with a quickly unfolding sleeping function by means of an extendable trolley with a mattress. A characteristic feature of this piece of furniture is modern design with subtle decorative elements.

Corner sofas and sofas in eco leather - Meb collection

In the Meb collection you will find corner sofas and sofas of different sizes and designs. Above all, with many accessories, in various styles and colours. Thanks to them, arranging a comfortable and practical interior will not be a problem! The fabrics used for Meb corner sofas are durable, aesthetic, easy to clean and pleasant to the touch. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that you can choose the colour and pattern of the fabric, you can arrange the rooms in your house in different ways. Importantly, sofas made of eco-leather are a symbol of elegance, making your interiors chic. In addition, this fashionable bespoke furniture is very easy to care for. This results in you not having to worry about having to work hard to maintain their longevity.

Above all, thanks to the fold-out function and the bedding box, they turn into a comfortable place to sleep in a few moments. For example, this is an ideal solution created for small rooms or small bedrooms. They are perfect for children's rooms as well as guest rooms. Some discussed corner sofas and sofas have a headrest. Its presence increases the comfort of rest, as well as ensures proper positioning of the head and neck. Could you dream of a better solution for your home or flat?

Sofas and corner sofas - functional and aesthetic

A corner sofa in a room is an extremely valuable space to use, especially in small rooms where every centimetre of space is important. One of the solutions to this problem are soft corner sofas - extremely practical pieces of furniture that are used mainly for sitting, but can also be transformed into a place to sleep. The corner sofas on offer from the Meb collection are a combination of functionality and attention to workmanship. In addition, they cannot be denied excellent aesthetic qualities. Depending on your needs, you can choose right- or left-hand furniture, as well as universal furniture. In the second of these proposals, the user himself decides on the location of the movable side module.

Sofas and corner sofas from the Meb collection are made of high-quality materials. These materials include: upholstery, eco leather, polyurethane foam, corrugated springs, and Bonnell springs. Thanks to the use of the best materials, they will serve you for many years! Moreover, the advantage of sofas is a wealth of styles and colours. In our offer, you will find modern corner sofas in grey tones on chrome legs. You will also find upholstered furniture with pastel upholstery on wooden legs in a retro style. In addition, in our assortment you will find sofas in contrasting colours with decorative cushions. As you can see the choice is huge! If you are interested in corner sofas, we invite you to check our offer!