When designing this furniture collection, Dirk Winkel strictly followed the principles of geometric theory. This approach allows him to create a shape that instantly adapts to any interior style. Team is a collection of chairs with various functions: chairs, stools and benches. They are all characterized by refined lines, integrated backrests and slender bases. The integrated low back of the Team series ensures a comfortable sitting position. For the higher versions, a carefully designed footrest has been designed to make the slender base of chairs and bar stools more stable. The seating comfort is additionally enhanced by the soft upholstery. All this makes the Team car seats comfortable even during longer use. Team chairs made of plastic are durable and easy to clean and disinfect. Therefore, they are perfect for outdoors and in places that often change places and can get dirty easily, such as waiting rooms, restaurants, canteens or home kitchens. High stools and double benches are perfect for bars and cafes. On the other hand, the upholstered versions can be used in hotel lobbies or offices.

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