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Mobi is a youth furniture recommended to every young user. The universal white color of the collection was combined in an effective way with contrasting inserts of turquoise or yellow, emphasizing at the same time the modernity of this collection. The collection includes a wide range of cabinets that will allow you to arrange the space the way you like.
The furniture is made of high-quality furniture board. Handles are made of plastic. The boxes are provided with guide rollers. Mobi Furniture, designed for self-assembly, comes in packages with clear instructions and accessories. The warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase. Polish product.

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Mobi Bed with a desk Mobi Bed with a desk
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Mobi Bed with a desk


Mobi furniture are designed for young people, so that appealed to the young users. Universal white color of collection is combined in an effective way with contrasting trim color( turquoise or yellow), so that the entire collection takes on a modern character. Another advantage is the wide variety of shapes that will let you to furnish a room in an interesting and functional way.