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Upholstered armchairs, reclining armchairs and those with a sleeping function, which are perfect for studios and small flats. Choose the material, colour and style of the armchair of your dreams and enjoy the original and functional furniture!

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Upholstered armchairs  - a guarantee of high quality

Upholstered armchairs, chairs and other seating furniture are designed primarily for everyday use. Together with a sofa, they make a comfortable and practical seating set, ideal for family celebrations or meetings with guests. Moreover, the armchairs also fit well in other rooms, especially where there is no room for a sofa or a traditional bed. What is important, upholstered armchairs from the Meb collection are characterized not only by their exceptional usability and decorative values. In addition, our specialists have spent a lot of time taking care of the quality of their manufacture. Thanks to their hard work, you can choose from a huge selection of armchairs from Strade Furniture.

The quality of our armchairs is based on a number of factors, including good upholstery, wood and chrome fittings, and foam seats with wave springs. All this put together means that they will last for many years! You can be sure that they will provide everyday comfort to all members of the family! Upholstered armchairs from the Meb collection are also a very functional solution for small flats. When there is no room for a guest room or a bed for guests, it is worth betting on our product. Our fold-out armchair will turn into a comfortable place to sleep at night. In the afternoon, combined with a pouffe, it will be a perfect place to relax with a book.

Meb upholstered armchairs and chairs - comfort, reliability and functionality

Our range includes a huge selection of bespoke upholstered armchairs. However, this is not only due to the variety of styles and designs. We offer chairs and armchairs for various purposes and made of various materials. For example, soft chairs are suitable for different rooms, depending on the colour of upholstery. The upholstery is made to be very durable and easy to keep clean. This will result in a comfortable and tactile place to rest. Another option are armchairs made of eco leather. Eco-leather has the appearance of real leather and is almost indistinguishable from it. However, products made of it are distinguished by their classy and chic appearance.

When it comes to folding armchairs, they perfectly replace a bed due to their folding function and practicality. What is important, they are perfect for children's rooms, studios, as well as living rooms, being able to serve as a place to sleep. The last ones in our set are armchairs for relaxation. You will find them in various styles, shapes and colours. It is worth mentioning that Meb's offer includes armchairs with chrome legs, quilted armchairs and flexible frames. When it comes to armchairs, trust quality, trust Strade Furniture.