Plus - innovative furniture for children and teenagers

An interesting experiment in the field of furniture allowed to create an outstanding collection. It is a practical approach to the issues of young people's needs in the field of furniture. Noteworthy are tree-shaped shelves in various colors, colorful boxes, a hanger and a practical sofa with a pull-out drawer for bedding. Manufactured by a reputable manufacturer, they are made of laminated, varnished MDF board, veneered chipboard with natural veneer, as well as solid wood. In the case of the SKY hanger, the pendants are made of powder coated steel.

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LOFT sofa LOFT sofa
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LOFT sofa


The LOFT sofa in many colors is perfect for both daily relaxation as well as fully comfortable rest at night. The simple, casual form of the furniture perfectly harmonizes with children\'s, teenagers and adults\' spaces. A 180x80 cm mattress will provide enough space for comfortable and safe sleep.

Frame Frame
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Intriguing, unusual and very decorative - triple photo frame. Thanks to its original form and properly arranged hangers, it can be hung practically in any way. An interesting effect can be obtained by putting together two or more frames next to each other.

Colorful box Colorful box
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Colorful box


Distinguished by their modern design, Color BOX wall shelves are very practical and allow you to easily display selected items in a simple and functional way. They are perfect as a place for photo frames, mascots, books or CDs. The simplicity of the form makes them compatible with all Timoore collections.

WOODshelf bookcase WOODshelf bookcase
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WOODshelf bookcase


A bookcase with an extraordinary, surprising form, resembling a tree. The back of the furniture is mounted to the wall with mounting screws, which are masked with decorative leaf-shaped elements. The furniture, with all its originality, retains all functional values. It is practical, durable and certainly original.