NOi C++

Minimalist design, high level of personalization and focus on comfort and functionality - all this makes the NOi C collection perfectly fit into any interior. This assumption has been fully realized - sofas, chaise lounges, pouffes and corners offer endless possibilities of arranging various types of space - from a modern office, through a modern hotel, to a cozy living room. In turn, the sister series of beds will be perfect for any stylish bedroom.

All the advantages of NOi C modularity

"Compose your interior" - is one of Absynth's slogans. It must be admitted that the brand takes them extremely seriously. Furniture from Absynth is designed in such a way that it is possible to compose harmonious interior arrangements with it, and the NOi C collection can be safely considered the leading Absynth brand in this field. Its elements are simple and universal, and the level of personalization allows each customer to enjoy a unique product, ideally suited to individual needs - in a word - made to measure.

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The NOi C lounge furniture collection by Absynth

Elements of the collection can be freely combined with each other. The furniture is created individually for a specific arrangement, but this does not mean that after a thorough change it will not look attractive in the new arrangement. Minimalist shapes and characteristic stitching make them aesthetically pleasing in any configuration. In order to further adjust the furniture to individual needs, the possibility of adjusting such details as the height of the armrests, supports or the length of the chaise longue was taken into account. Interestingly, personalization concerns not only the dimensions of the furniture, but also the degree of stretching of the fabric and the amount of filling, which affects the level of softness of the furniture and the degree of wrinkling of the cover.

Absinthe and a wealth of materials

Absynth knows what the essence of good design is, which is why the impeccable aesthetics of their projects goes hand in hand with functionality. This can be seen in the rich catalog of materials from which the furniture upholstery is made. The practical water-repellent fabrics with the easy-to-clean function are very popular, especially among young customers. You can choose from, among others woolen, chenille, velor and braided fabrics.

Human friendly materials

There will also be options for allergy sufferers and enthusiasts of ecological materials - completely natural upholstery made of high-quality Italian linen will give the interior a class, and in addition it is extremely healthy for the user. Lovers of natural leathers, who will surely enjoy the luxurious Portuguese calfskin, are also thought of. The upholstery can be made in almost every possible color version, and the materials used have non-flammability certificates - thanks to this, they are really suited to any space. What more could you ask for?