Simple - simple, colorful, modern furniture for children aged 0-13.

A simple, modern furniture concept based on a stable frame structure made of beech wood. The priority here is the safety of users, but it is also worth mentioning that the practical solutions and appearance do not differ from the global trends in the field of furniture. The certified allergy-friendly materials used in the production meet the stringent standards for the approval of furniture use in the EU. The rails and closing systems used for the doors of the cabinets significantly improve the comfort and safety of use. Many types of furniture allow for different arrangement of adolescent children's rooms. You will find furniture for babies and older children. Many practical pieces of furniture allow you to adapt to the child's age without the need to replace it. An example is a cot and a sliding couch. The furniture is available in blue (B), green (G), pink (P), orange (O) and cream (C),.

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No more scattered crayons, felt-tip pens or pencils! Now they will find their place in the storage compartment in the center of the table top. It\'s easy to hide them there, and then take them out when you need them again.

A box for toys


The "TOY box" is a practical toy box ... but not only. Thanks to the universal design, it will work as a container for shoes or slippers, as well as a comfortable, children\'s bench. The box is made of varnished MDF board and natural beech wood.

Chest of drawers with two drawers


Three is too much? Maybe two drawers are enough for you! This piece of furniture is an alternative to the classic chest of drawers. The 2-drawer chest of drawers is lower than the version with three drawers, and its proportions perfectly match the current trend in the furniture industry promoting low and wide shapes.

2-door sideboard


A classic piece of furniture that, together with the Bookcase - Top Extension, can be used as a bookcase. Roomy and practical. There is a shelf inside the furniture. Here you can easily place children\'s puzzles, puzzles or games.

The seat


A comfortable and safe place for your toddler to rest. The classic car seat is a fantastic rocking chair, creating your child\'s own "playground". A toddler can feel happy and special.

Frame - single bookcase


Frame - an ingenious solution! When you combine two or three colorful boxes with it, you will create an individual set tailored exactly to the needs of your child.

TIMOORE hanger


Funny and useful. This is more than a hanger. An original design will make your child happily put its coat, umbrella or backpack on it.