When designing the Baltic series, Krystian Kowalski was guided by comfort and simple design. The essence of this design is the version of the Soft Duo on a wooden base. The soft seat cushion ensures comfort for the user, and the beech legs give the chair coziness. It is made with master craftsmanship from high-quality materials. Thanks to this, it becomes a cozy piece of furniture, perfect for moments of relaxation. In addition, the materials used for production are durable and solid, and are also recyclable. For the sake of its users, Baltic also cares about the environment. To sum up, the user will be satisfied using this piece of furniture for many years.

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Swivel chair, metal base Baltic Classic 03


Swivel chair, durable metal base. Solidly made of high-quality abrasion-resistant materials.

2 types of bases to choose from: without wheels and with wheels (for a soft surface or a hard surface)

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