Elle - classic furniture in a modern version for children's and teenagers' rooms

Classic Scandinavian style furniture in white for newborns and teenagers. A practical collection of furniture, as some furniture can be adapted to the child's height. An example of this is a crib, which can be freely modified as the child grows. When the child is older, this crib can be turned into a couch. Additional furniture, such as a toy chest, can also be used as a seat or table. A number of amenities, such as a changing shelf, a cot table, a railing, etc., help in the care of the child and the safety of the newborn. The remaining furniture will allow not only to completely furnish a newborn's room, but also a larger child, both for a boy and a girl. The furniture meets European standards and has certificates regarding the strength and safety of furniture.

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A box for toys A box for toys
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A box for toys


Many parents will appreciate the advantages of an upholstered box from the "ELLE" collection. Thanks to it, the room will be in perfect order. A spacious box with a solid structure will fit all the treasures of a child, and at the same time will be an inspiration for many original games.

the shelf the shelf
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the shelf


The shelf is distinguished by an original, simple form and a unique style of finishing. Each element of the collection harmonizes perfectly with the others, allowing you to arrange a child\'s room in a very individual way, matching individual shapes to the size and style of the room.

Desk Desk
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A simple desk with a delicate form will be a perfect complement to other items from the "ELLE" collection. It has a container and an internal shelf. The desk is intended for school children. It fits both a boy\'s and a girl\'s room.

Baby cot 125x66 Baby cot 125x66
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Baby cot 125x66


A charming, captivating with simplicity of form, a baby cot with dimensions of 125 cm x 66 will be a great solution for both small rooms and larger children\'s rooms.

Daybed 185x86 Daybed 185x86
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Daybed 185x86


A child-youth bed in a simple, Scandinavian style with the option of a drawer for bedding. It also perfectly fulfills its function as an independent element.

Bookcase with shelves Bookcase with shelves
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Bookcase with shelves


Bookcase from the "ELLE" collection is a little wizard in a child\'s room, which will organize any space in a few moments. It is equipped with three spacious shelves for books, games, toys or other very important children\'s treasures.

Bedside cabinet Bedside cabinet
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Bedside cabinet


A simple cabinet with a delicate form will be a perfect complement to other items from the "ELLE" collection. Perfect as a small hiding place, bedside table for a reading lamp, books or warm cocoa.