CHEVRON luxury office furniture is an exclusive combination of varnished details with natural veneered details. The furniture is made in two ways - some elements are covered with natural veneer, and the rest are covered with hand-applied glossy or semi-matt varnish (depending on the amount of varnish). What distinguishes Chevron furniture is its characteristic herringbone rings. The sturdy metal frame ensures maximum durability and stability. An additional cabinet is under the desk, creating an L-shaped structure. The set is beautiful and allows you to make the most of the office space in the office room. There is also an auxiliary table in the CHEVRON office, the shape of which perfectly matches the light form of CHEVRON furniture. Designer office furniture with a characteristic desk structure and interesting finishes available. If you want to impress your office furniture, Chevron desks are the perfect choice. Elegant and effective furniture, carefully crafted, will provide a striking visual effect in any office room.

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