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Demensions: 100 x 43 x 26 A collection created...

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Demensions: 100 x 43 x 26 A collection created... Demensions: 100 x 43 x 26 A collection created with passion, a high sense of aesthetics and ergonomics. The multitude of shapes and the...

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Classical or modern - the shelves not only serve as a repository, but also should look good. Welcome to our collection, where youcan choose from a wide range of styles and colors.

Each of us appreciates practical solutions, especially in the arrangement of interiors. Sometimes, by installing one piece of furniture, we manage not only to use the free space, but also to get a place to store various things. Wall shelves can also perform this role. They are undoubtedly a decoration and provide us with an extra space that we can use. Shelves can be of different shapes, so they can be part of the arrangement of different rooms in our house or office. A hanging shelf can be used to store books, folders, decorative trinkets and many other items used in the office. A wide application makes wall shelves more popular. The assortment of our store has been adapted to meet the many needs of our customers, so there are various shelves for the office and cabinet, which can also be successfully used in your apartment as shelves for the room, kitchen shelves, shelves for the living room, etc. wooden book shelves, which due to their original shape and careful processing will become an attractive decoration of any interior.

Wall shelf - the power of opportunity

Hanging shelves on the wall or mezzanine are most often associated with the storage of books or folders. Meanwhile, this furniture has much more possibilities. For example, shelves hanging in the office or in the room, available in the offer of Strade furniture, can be used to install various ornaments, scented candles, figurines, collections and other items of your collections. We can put photos of friends and relatives on them, as well as photos of places that will decorate the interior and at the same time a pleasant souvenir that reminds us of people or places. Wall shelves are also a good place for plants. If we put them in the appropriate pots and put them on a beautiful wooden shelf, we will bring into the interior a smooth touch of nature. If our collection of books is not very impressive, we can choose hanging shelves. However, if there are many books, folders and files, we should pay attention to the traditional shelves. Wall shelves and mezzanines can be used both in traditional interiors and in modern style - just choose the right model. The assortment of our shop includes various wall shelves and mezzanines, which can be easily adapted to different styles of decoration.