Whether classic or modern, shelves not only serve as storage, but also need to look great. Hanging shelves can come in different shapes, so they can be an element of various rooms in our house or in the office and study. They are functional furniture, which will be perfect for the office. For example, they can be used to store books, binders, decorative trinkets and many other items used at work.

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A handy piece of furniture, such as shelves, will complete the entire arrangement of the rooms, and at the same time are very useful in constant use. You can place your items on them to have quick access to them. They are solidly made of high-quality materials supplied by leading manufacturers in Europe, so they will serve for many years.

Shelves for the office and home office

Each of us appreciates practical solutions, especially in interior design. Sometimes, by assembling one piece of furniture, we manage not only to use the free space, but also to gain a place to store various things. Wall shelves can also play this role. Classic or modern, they don't just serve as storage, but also as decoration. For this reason, they should be solid and elegant at the same time. Welcome to our furniture store, where you can choose from a wide variety of wall shelf styles and colours. They are undoubtedly decorative and provide us with extra space that we can manage. The shelves may have different shapes, thanks to which they will perfectly present themselves being an element of arrangement of different rooms in our house or office. The hanging shelf can be used to store books, folders, decorative trinkets and many other items used in the office. The wide range of applications makes wall shelves increasingly popular. This furniture makes our walls not empty, and we can keep all the various ornaments in one place.

Shelves in many styles

Wooden bookshelves from our furniture store, thanks to their original shape and careful processing, will become an attractive decoration of any interior. Those hanging on a wall or mezzanine are most often associated with storing books or folders. However, this furniture has many more possibilities and applications. For example, the office hanging shelves available in the Strade Furniture range can be used to set up various ornaments, scented candles, figurines, collectibles and other items from your collection. We can put photos of friends and loved ones on them, as well as photos of places, which will be the decoration of the interior, and at the same time a nice souvenir reminding us of people or places. Moreover, they are also a good place to put plants. If you place them in suitable pots and place them on a beautiful wooden shelf, you will bring a gentle touch of nature into your interior. If your book collection is not very large, bet on hanging shelves. In the opposite case, that is when there are a lot of books, folders and binders, we should choose traditional bookcases. Wall shelves and mezzanines can be used in both old-fashioned and modern offices - just choose the right model. Our store's assortment includes a variety of wall shelves and mezzanines that can easily fit into different decor styles. We invite you to take a look at our offer!