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177x78x80 cm (W x H x D) 177x78x80 cm (W x H x D)

Demensions: 140 x 77 x 70 A collection created...

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Demensions: 140 x 77 x 70 A collection created... Demensions: 140 x 77 x 70 A collection created with passion, a high sense of aesthetics and ergonomics. The multitude of shapes and the...

140x74x80 cm (W x H x D)

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140x74x80 cm (W x H x D) 140x74x80 cm (W x H x D)

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125x75x60 cm (W x H x D) 125x75x60 cm (W x H x D)

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Solid desks and tables for your office

You will find classic tables, modern tables, colored tables or solid color tables depending on your requirement. Your desk should look good, be comfortable, convenient and practical. Importantly, the right desk will propel your creativity into action. Home office or not is a place where you spend a lot of time. Whether it's an office or a room in your home, the right decor and furniture choices will make your work more efficient. Strade furniture such as tables, bookcases, cabinets, drawers, sideboards and shelves will allow you to create a practical, modern or classic office. Create a space that inspires you to work more efficiently and opens you up to new ideas. The table is a functional piece of furniture equipped with a table top, drawers and additionally can accommodate containers. In our offer you will find useful and ergonomic tables for work or study, which will find their place in various interiors an office. We offer, above all, office tables, work tables, computer tables of modern or classic design.

Office tables and desks adapted to your needs

A table is also an indispensable piece of office equipment. It is known that its size, shape of the table and also its purpose depend on our needs and requirements. This type of furniture is a place to meet with clients, so it must look impeccable. We see this furniture in the office, and many of us have this type of furniture in our home. Why? The table is our work and study area, which is usually installed in a quiet area of the house or apartment and isolated from everything around us while we try to focus on what we need to do. Many proposals can be found in the assortment of our store Strade Furniture - here everyone will find something for himself. Tables for the office or home office are essential furniture that affect the efficiency of our work and the fact that we can stay in it in appropriate and favorable conditions. The office table should be larger, because on its surface we need to place not only a computer or a laptop, but also the necessary documents. It is also worth considering that for placing all the documentation and other items in our work, when choosing a table for our office, we should pay attention to a table with drawers or additional containers. This will ensure that all documents are available and within reach and we avoid confusion. For a classically furnished office, the desk from the Omega collection is perfect. It is found in a color variant, a combination of graphite and amber oak. It is a very minimalist office piece of furniture that contains no drawers or cabinets. However, if you prefer a solution that incorporates these elements, this desk from the Velvet collection will win your heart. It is a massive, solid piece of furniture containing three drawers, a shelf and a cupboard. Great for storing important items and documents. You can choose the color of the Velvet desk from rustical and black oak. The desk will perfectly fit into old-fashioned offices. If you are interested in our range of office desks, we invite you to check out the rest of our range in this category.