Classic and light look

Classic, refined and full of elegance - this is the latest collection of Absynth lounge furniture. Sofas and corner sofas delight with their lightness and universal shape that will perfectly fit into almost any arrangement. The Polish brand has long been associated with design excellence and innovative, creative solutions. The Cloud collection is an upholstered piece of furniture which, thanks to the use of high-quality Italian frames, conceals the sleeping function. Delicate design and multi-functionality make the Cloud sofa and corner sofa can be widely used in private and public spaces as well as hotels.

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CLOUD Sofa with sleeping function 160


A 3-seater sofa with a sleeping function and a storage compartment for bedding. Sleeping area 200cm x 160cm

height 82CM / 40CM seat
width 212CM
depth 100CM

The timeless form of the Cloud collection

The Cloud collection consists of a corner and three sofas, all equipped with a sleeping function. The lying surfaces, depending on the model, have the dimensions of 120 × 200, 1
0 × 200 or 160 × 200 cm. The furniture impresses with its classic shape and minimalist design. Top-quality lining - very soft foam and flexible fibers provide exceptional comfort during use. They are additionally reinforced with plywood and connected with an approved board. Another practical advantage of the collection is the removal of covers and the backrest. Thanks to the elegance and refined shapes of the furniture, it is easy to guess that on a solid frame you will also find a high-quality premium mattress, ensuring the comfort of everyday sleep.

Solid and modern solutions - Italian sofa and corner frames

The Absynth brand focuses on high quality and modern solutions. That is why the sofas and corner sofas from the Cloud collection are characterized by a comfortable and practical Italian design. It is currently the most popular type of frame structure due to its above-average functionality and ease of use. The Italian frame opens easily from the front, requires no force and only takes a few seconds. This mechanism is characterized by exceptional stability, so you do not have to worry about removing the pillow and other inconveniences, because you can put everything in the glove compartment. First of all, we did not risk scratching the floor by securing it against it. However, the biggest advantage of this solution is that the high-quality mattress ensures comfort and is perfect for everyday sleep.

A wide range of materials

Absynth products are made to order, so that each customer can enjoy a piece of furniture ideally suited to his needs. You can choose, among other things, fabrics for upholstery. The brand's catalog includes a wide range of certified materials. For example, you can choose fashionable fabrics such as wool, felt, velvet and more. The needs of allergy sufferers and supporters of ecological materials were also taken into account - completely natural upholstery made of high-quality Italian linen will give the interior a chic and is extremely good for the health of the user. Natural leather lovers who are sure to love the luxurious Portuguese calfskin should not miss it. Almost unlimited customization possibilities make the Cloud collection perfect for private spaces and hotels.