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Bookcases and display units are available in various sizes and dimensions, which guarantees that every young user will find a product that perfectly meets their expectations. Our products are designed for teenage fans of simple and more sophisticated solutions.

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Bookcase with shelves Bookcase with shelves
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Bookcase with shelves


Bookcase from the "ELLE" collection is a little wizard in a child\'s room, which will organize any space in a few moments. It is equipped with three spacious shelves for books, games, toys or other very important children\'s treasures.

Blog bookshelf BL5 Blog bookshelf BL5
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Blog bookshelf BL5


Blog Furniture is a proposal designed for children as well as for adolescents. The main advantage of this system is fantastic colour scheme and functionality. A wide range of items allows you to create many interesting arrangements. Furniture are made of chipboard while all edges are reinforced by ABS veneer.

Bookcases, shelves, display units for children of all ages

A child's room is actually their little flat. It has room for learning, playing, or hanging out with friends. For this reason, regardless of the space we have for it, we need to furnish this room so that it can cope with all these activities. If the room seems too small, it is worth betting on a more functional solution. For example, if you need a wardrobe and a bookcase, then you no longer have to choose between them! Our furniture store has many of these different combinations in its offer. In addition, you'll find home furnishings and children's room furnishings in a variety of colours and shapes. So you don't have to worry that your interior will look grey and uninteresting. Strade Furniture can help you choose the right furniture combination for even the most demanding child! Variety, trends and fashion - that's our furniture.

Furnishing a room for a teenager and a child

We know that slightly older children have a greater desire to express themselves by just decorating their room. For this reason, our furniture is designed not only for children, but also for teenagers. For the slightly older age group we have prepared several proposals of bookcases, shelves and display units. Mobi M04 bookcase is something for those who love various shapes and interesting colours. White combined with intense blue gives a cosmic character to the entire piece of furniture. And with as many as 3 drawers, a shelf and a cupboard, you can be sure that you will have enough space for everything. For fans of functionality with shades of pink, there is a bookcase from the Komi KM6 furniture collection. It has up to four drawers and three shelves, so it is certain to hold many items and books. The combination of pink and grey looks modern and creative. As far as teenagers who prefer more subdued colours are concerned, the NANO NA4 cabinet series is made for them. Unusual shape, black along with grey - class and elegance in the teenager's room. On top of that, the display cabinet includes countless shelves and two cabinets that provide plenty of space for your belongings. DL7 display unit from the Delta collection will fit perfectly into a classic space. The predominance of oak with a touch of anthracite is a contrasting choice of colours. Unconventional shape, plenty of shelves and cabinets are great for your child. Bet on Strade Furniture store and make your child have their dream room!