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Our offer includes children's pouffes with interesting fairytale upholstery motifs. We also have solid colour pouffes, which can be easily matched to the style of the interior and other furniture in the room. For teenagers, we recommend elegant and comfortable office armchairs made of genuine leather.

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A box for toys


Many parents will appreciate the advantages of an upholstered box from the "ELLE" collection. Thanks to it, the room will be in perfect order. A spacious box with a solid structure will fit all the treasures of a child, and at the same time will be an inspiration for many original games.

armchair BEEP


Modern, comfortable, designer - Beep armchair. The frame structure is made of solid beech wood, varnished in two colors: black and white.

Chairs, armchairs and poufs for young people's and children's rooms

This collection includes practical yet comfortable chairs, armchairs and poufs for the young user's room. Spending a lot of time at the table in a poorly adjusted chair or armchair can lead to back pain. Therefore, the perfect chair for your child should be as comfortable as possible. Special attention should be paid to the backrest, which should reach at least to the height of a child's shoulders, proper armrests and a special bulge in the lumbar section of the spine. The swivel chairs available from Strade Furniture are designed to provide maximum comfort for the little ones and an original addition to the decor. Our chairs, armchairs and poufs are characterized by a unique look, design and are made of high quality materials. Products from our furniture store focus on your child's comfort and health. All of our models of armchairs and poufs have been designed and made with ergonomic principles in mind, so that a young person can successfully use them for many hours.

Original chairs, armchairs and poufs for big and small

We offer children's poufs with interesting fairy tale upholstery motifs. We also have single colour poufs that can easily be matched with other furniture in the room. For teenagers, we also recommend elegant and comfortable office chairs made of genuine leather. For example, a youth table that, together with a swivel chair, will create the perfect set where homework will be enjoyable and our children's level of development will increase. Some examples of poufs that will be perfect for your child's room are those from the JACUS collection. High quality fabric and solid finish are the definition of this furniture. JACUS poufs have a round seat filled with soft and flexible polyurethane foam. Moreover, you can choose the colour of the poufs from a huge number of colour versions. This way, you don't have to give up buying a piece of furniture because there is no way it won't fit, into the room. Your child can have their dream room from today with our chairs, armchairs and poufs! Check out our range, and you're sure to find something to suit you and your little one.