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Practical and charming, the products in this category have been created with the youngest and slightly older users in mind. A wide range of colours and styles will help you choose the right furniture for your child or teenager. Thanks to our solutions, youth wardrobes and chests of drawers will not take up a lot of space, and at the same time they will accommodate many necessary things.

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Labirynt corner wardrobe 23 Labirynt corner wardrobe 23
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Labirynt corner wardrobe 23


Large and practical wardrobe for children\'s rooms.The wardrobe\'s interior was organized  in a form of open shelves and drawers. There is also a space for rod for hanging clothes. Corner wardrobe Labyrinth 23 is made of durable laminate in white and green color. 

Komi wardrobe KM1 Komi wardrobe KM1
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Komi wardrobe KM1


Wardrobe designed for the arrangement of the youth room. Inside the cabinet there is a rod for hanging clothes. Additionally, the wardrobe has two drawers for underwear and a small 1-door cubby.

Wardrobes for children's and teenagers' rooms

The youngest and slightly older children as well as teenagers need to express themselves, even by furnishing their room. Therefore, all products in this category are very practical and functional, so that your child can fit as much as possible in them. A child's room should be colourful to awaken in the child's mind the desire to learn and play, and to stimulate their creativity. Depending on the child's taste, this room can be characterized by bright furniture and a multitude of colours or slightly subdued colours. Nevertheless, a teenager's room is a space that additionally must represent the individual and unique character of the young user. Young people like modern trends and usually do not listen to their parents' advice. Especially for our young users, we have created furniture that will meet their needs. We offer sideboards, chest of drawers, bookcases, bedside tables and wardrobes that perfectly match the rest of the accessories and furnishings in your teen's room.

Wardrobes tailored to young people's tastes

It is in their room that our children spend most of their time, they can sleep, do their homework, play games and meet their friends. Children's and teenagers' rooms are a combination of living room, bedroom, classroom and dressing room, so the furniture in their rooms must meet the many needs of the young user. Wardrobes ideal for younger children that combine a variety of shapes and colours will be those from the Labirynt LA2, Komi KM7 and PLANET PL3 collections. Labirynt LA2 is a three-door wardrobe with four shelves in three colour versions combined with white: green, orange and blue. This is great for fans of colour. In Komi KM7 collection there is a modern wardrobe with three drawers and three doors. It has an asymmetrical, interesting shape and two colour versions. Combining Komi ash with blue or pink will transform your child's interior. Last but not least, the PLANET PL3 collection presents a two-door wardrobe. When it comes to choosing wardrobe colours, there are two options. The former is white, oak as well as marine, while the latter is black, oak as well as beige. This is a great option for slightly older kids who don't necessarily want a fully coloured room. For teenagers, wardrobes from the Manhattan and Magi series will be perfect. Manhattan is a beautiful, toned down, two-door wardrobes that includes one drawer. You can choose between a white or black version. This is a modern and roomy wardrobe - perfect for any teenager. Whereas the wardrobe from the Magi collection is a very functional solution in white and beige. It has three wardrobes and two drawers. Great for bright decor. If you like these suggestions for choosing wardrobes for your child's room, we encourage you to take a look at our range of wardrobes for children and teenagers.