Cocktail cabinets

A cocktail cabinet is definitely a great furniture addition to a living room. You can store many things in it, and you decide which of them will be visible to others. Cocktail cabinet from our furniture store are distinguished by their solidity and high quality.

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Velvet collection, buffet with a bar (optional lighting)



The combination of the color of rustic oak and black oak with a classic block of furniture makes these pieces of furniture to furnish above-average spaces in your apartment. Solid chests of drawers and TV cabinets, dressing tables will allow you to store many everyday items. Many of these pieces of furniture have been additionally supplemented as standard with a decorative illuminated solid wood strip that brings out the beauty of oak wood. Relax, chill or socialize with this Velvet collection!

Montenegro 48 3-door buffet



This durable piece of furniture from the Montenegro collection is a beautiful and practical piece of furniture. The natural color of the rustical oak will perfectly match any interior. It is perfect for a comfortable living room and also allows you to create a functional dining room. The glazed display part with shelves hidden behind the solid wood front make it a proposition for demanding customers. Combine the beautiful style of the furniture with the useful one and choose it from the Montenegro collection!

Country 48 2-door buffet with 2 drawers and a bar



The charming, durable, display units and a pastel-colored buffet with a door in which transparent glass has been installed along with frames in the color of a tree allow you to display items you like. The warm pastel color of the combination of Stirling oak and andersen pine brings a feeling of harmony and tranquility to the rural atmosphere. An additional advantage of this furniture is the possibility of installing doors on both sides of the furniture.

Oslo 48 3-door buffet



It is an interesting combination of oiled oak wood and metal elements. Glass and natural solid wood in the display cabinets and chests of drawers are a combination that creates a unique, timeless character of the furniture. This piece of furniture allows you to display your souvenirs and items you like. Your interior will be full of energy and in harmony with nature. And you will feel great in their surroundings. This is another durable collection that is made of real solid oak and it is a solution for people who live in harmony with nature and will allow you to enjoy the use of this furniture for many years.

Cocktail cabinets

With nowhere to manage space for wine glasses, whiskey glasses, spirits and all the things you need to create drinks or cocktails, choose a cocktail cabinet. You don't have to worry about not matching them with your living room decor as they come in different shades, sizes as well as shapes. Light or dark, vintage or modern, you're sure to find something to suit you. To make this search easier for you, we have cocktail cabinets from different collections to give variety to our range.

Stylish cocktail cabinets collection

For those who prefer light wood, the Velvet and Oslo series cocktail cabinets will work well. For those customers who prefer dark, wooden finish, we recommend Dover, Montenegro and Velvet collections. The white cocktail cabinet can be found in the Country 48 series. We know, however, that the colour of the furniture is not everything. The height, width and number of cabinets are equally important. So, for those who prefer low furniture, Country 48, Montenegro and possibly Dover will be the right solution. The former has as many as two glass display cases, the latter has one in the middle, while Dover has none. Their height is up to 130 cm. Taller cocktail cabinets have found their place in Velvet and Oslo. The former contains a huge number of cabinets, which gives it functionality, while the latter is three-door. Take a look at the range of cocktail cabinets above and choose the one that will steal your heart.