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Unconventional furniture from the Timoore line is safe and, above all, stimulating the development of a young person. The collection is full of innovative solutions inspired by young users. Safety and ergonomics in tandem with the unusual appearance of the furniture from this collection together with the solid workmanship with attention to detail puts this furniture at the forefront of projects in Europe. Quality control at all individual stages, from design to final production, allows us to create furniture that is safe for young users. They are made of friendly and natural materials provided by renowned manufacturers.

Beep Clariss Elle First Frame Magi Plus Simple
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Sofa CALLin Sofa CALLin
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Sofa CALLin


The CALLin sofa is a beautiful piece of furniture for a child\'s room. Trimmed with sofa\'s functional material can easily clean with water, and modern design will satisfy every parent and child.

2 in 1 Bed Magi 2 in 1 Bed Magi
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2 in 1 Bed Magi


It is suitable for an only child\'s room, but also for siblings. By easily putting together the top, you get extra sleep. The beds do not have to stand next to each other because each of them is a fully independent piece of furniture.

A bookcase on top of a... A bookcase on top of a...
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A bookcase on top of a two-door cupboard


Top unit - a bookcase which, in combination with a double-door sideboard, creates a functional, roomy piece of furniture. Asymmetrically arranged, vertical partitions give the block an intriguing character, and the natural veneer used both on the body and the shelves emphasizes the nobility of the furniture.

Shelf Shelf
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The "Frame" shelf complements and decorates the entire collection. An unconventional approach to design has resulted in an original and at the same time extremely practical form.

Bed Bed
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A stylish headrest and a strong wooden frame form the support for the mattress (Note! The mattress is not included in the offer). The headrest is upholstered with branded fabrics.

A box for toys A box for toys
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A box for toys


Many parents will appreciate the advantages of an upholstered box from the "ELLE" collection. Thanks to it, the room will be in perfect order. A spacious box with a solid structure will fit all the treasures of a child, and at the same time will be an inspiration for many original games.

the shelf the shelf
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the shelf


The shelf is distinguished by an original, simple form and a unique style of finishing. Each element of the collection harmonizes perfectly with the others, allowing you to arrange a child\'s room in a very individual way, matching individual shapes to the size and style of the room.

Desk Desk
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A simple desk with a delicate form will be a perfect complement to other items from the "ELLE" collection. It has a container and an internal shelf. The desk is intended for school children. It fits both a boy\'s and a girl\'s room.

Baby cot 125x66 Baby cot 125x66
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Baby cot 125x66


A charming, captivating with simplicity of form, a baby cot with dimensions of 125 cm x 66 will be a great solution for both small rooms and larger children\'s rooms.

Daybed 185x86 Daybed 185x86
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Daybed 185x86


A child-youth bed in a simple, Scandinavian style with the option of a drawer for bedding. It also perfectly fulfills its function as an independent element.

Bookcase with shelves Bookcase with shelves
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Bookcase with shelves


Bookcase from the "ELLE" collection is a little wizard in a child\'s room, which will organize any space in a few moments. It is equipped with three spacious shelves for books, games, toys or other very important children\'s treasures.

Bedside cabinet Bedside cabinet
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Bedside cabinet


A simple cabinet with a delicate form will be a perfect complement to other items from the "ELLE" collection. Perfect as a small hiding place, bedside table for a reading lamp, books or warm cocoa.

Kids Furniture from Timoore collection

Kids furniture is definitely one of the most popular on the furniture market. No wonder! After all, toddlers must have their own place to sleep, play and learn. It is worth ensuring that they are of the best quality, so that they can serve kids for many years. What's more, children's furniture of such robustness can serve for generations to come, which means big savings! There are several sub-categories in our Timoore furniture collection, and each one is adapted to a specific age group. On this basis, we create the designs, colours, shapes and aesthetics of each of these sub-categories. Among the series in question are: Beep, Clariss, Elle, First, Frame, Plus and also Simple. With so many categories, you are sure to find suitable furniture for children of all ages. Importantly, the colourful pieces and interesting shapes will develop your child's individuality and creativity. What more could you want?

Kids' bedroom furniture

Do you want to furnish your child's bedroom? You have come to the right place! The Strade Furniture shop has furniture for children in the Timoore collection. The important aspect is that a kids bedroom is his/her place to learn, play and rest. Therefore, the furniture that is in this room should be in harmony and order. It is as important as the tidiness of a toddler's room so that he can concentrate on particular activities. Importantly, most of the chairs in our furniture range are designed to maintain good posture. Therefore, when buying furniture in our furniture shop, you can be sure that we pay attention to your health. Importantly, the Timoore furniture collection also includes functional kids furniture who need the most care.
For example, the First furniture series is the ideal option for parents sharing a bedroom with a newborn. Adult beds and cots are adapted for this type of room. When such a tiny baby grows up a bit, it is worth betting on the Simple series. This is a colourful range of furniture which will appeal to any toddler who is old enough to sleep alone. For older children, we have prepared the Plus and Beep sub-categories. This roomy and functional kids furniture looks great in children's bedrooms. What's more, they have interesting shapes and colours, so your child will definitely find them attractive. Nothing more, nothing less! Check out the Timoore collection of kids furniture, and you certainly won't regret it!