• Sideboards

    Sideboards for flats

    Isn't it a must have for every home and flat? Sideboards are some of the most multifunctional and well-known pieces of furniture. You can hide both clothes and dishes in them, and no one but you will have any idea about it. The top of some sideboards can be used for books, ornaments, and in some cases even a TV. Great for the kitchen, but also for the children's room, bedroom, hallway and many other rooms. Since this piece of furniture is so important then you need to make a choice towards its appearance. We know how hard it is to fit everything together. In order to help our customers furnish their homes in the right way, we have created furniture in various shades, shapes and sizes. All this so that you can feel the comfort of a perfectly realised design from your imagination. You will find styles from modern to old-fashioned.

    Sideboards in many styles

    We know that functionality is a very important thing, especially when you want to store a lot of things in one place. That's why many of our sideboards are designed to hold as much as possible while looking tasteful and stylish. For those who are looking for this kind of sideboards, we recommend those from the Desjo, Torino and Harmony collections. The sideboard from Desjo series in sanremo oak colour is a bright piece of furniture, perfectly adapted to such decor. It has two cabinets, with a total of six shelves, as well as up to three drawers. The whole thing is shaped like a horizontal rectangle, and the whole thing looks great. Whereas sideboards from the Torino collection are a combination of elegance along with modernity, all created in the colour of golden oak with light elements. Created from oiled oak wood, this sideboard has three drawers but also three cupboards. This piece of furniture will certainly give the room it is placed in a measure of cosiness and comfort. The Harmony collection presents a sideboard in the colours of oiled oak, dyed walnut and graphite. This furniture is different from others in that it has glass areas where you can see what you are storing there. This sideboard, has three cabinets and two of them have glass. It is in these visible points that we can keep books or china. In this case, the composition of colours makes the cabinet show class and style that will impress any guest. If you are interested in these suggestions, check out our range of sideboards for flats.

  • Chairs

    Kitchen and dining chairs

    What house or apartment in its entire furnishings does not have chairs? Indeed! None. It is undeniably, a multifunctional piece of furniture that we can use in the kitchen, dining room, living room and several other rooms in the house. As you know, the rooms are always slightly different and therefore you cannot put the same chairs everywhere, disturbing the whole decor. Our furniture store has made sure that you don't have to lock yourself into just one style of this furniture. For this reason, the kitchen and dining chairs in our assortment come in different sizes, shapes, designs and colours. This makes them a perfect match for virtually any decor. Anyway, find out for yourself. The kitchen is a place where chairs are a must, but often seem out of style. Modern dining chairs from our furniture store will greatly enliven these rooms with their chicness. Opt for comfort and interesting design with our kitchen and dining chairs.

    Kitchen chairs ideas

    We know that it is often difficult to decide on a particular design and colour of furniture, as it will determine the entire decor of the room. For this reason, we have prepared kitchen chairs ideas to help you in this difficult choice. For fans of simple solutions we have prepared chairs from Torino (Cayenne or Carabu HP fabric), Desjo and Dover series. This is a very classic combination, characterized by simplicity. The kitchen and dining chairs from the first mentioned series have a seating area, quite similar to an armchair, which guarantees comfort. The chair's legs are made of oiled oak wood, which gives the whole chair a chic and elegant look. Moreover, their colour variant can be chosen from black, pale pink and others. On the other hand, when it comes to the kitchen chairs from the Desjo collection, they have dark brown interior elements, which gives them a distinct and strong style. The legs of these modern dining chairs, along with the frame, are created of sanremo oak, which fits in perfectly with today's trends. The last kitchen chair ideas from the listing features beige interior. In this case, however, the rest of the pieces are in a primavera cherry colour that emphasizes luxury, elegance and aesthetics. It is style and class all poured into the Dover series chair. However, we know that not only the appearance matters. So rest assured that our kitchen and dining chairs are of excellent quality and sturdiness, so you can be sure they'll last you for years to come. As you can see, the selection of kitchen chairs in our furniture store is extremely rich, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer.

  • Shelves


    Classic or modern - shelves are not only satisfy your storage needs, but they also must be presentable. Choose out of wariety of styles and colors.

  • Dining tables

    Dining tables

    Getting ready for a family reunion or a dinner for two? Regardless the occassion, you definitely need a table! Find out what to look for while shopping for your kitchen table

Kitchen furniture

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The kitchen is the primary room in any home. We spend a lot of time there, which means that kitchen furniture and other equipment should be adapted to our needs and capabilities, ensuring the highest possible level of functionality.

Our kitchen cabinets and countertops are highly resistant to possible damage and the adverse effects of moisture while remaining easy to clean and do not require special care. We meet the family at the table for a shared meal and more. The rich offer will help you choose this piece of furniture to your requirements, both the extraordinary. We have double and twelve-person tables, as well as fold-out tables so that if necessary, you can accommodate a larger number of guests while not occupying so much space daily. Chairs play no less important role. They must be ergonomic, stable, comfortable and designer.

In our catalogue, you will find Cheap kitchen furniture from Poland offered by us is an attractive price, a first-class appearance, and at the same time very high quality of the product. Furthermore, we offer a wide selection of furniture with patterns, different styles and exciting colours.

A kitchen is a place for creating, sharing, blending the practical with the beautiful, and tasteful too! Our kitchen furniture does the same. Check out our wide spectrum of dining tablescabinetschairssideboards and shelves. It's all for your kitchen.

Kitchen furniture - reliability and quality

Do you need solid and good quality kitchen furniture that you won't have to replace every few years? Strade has a range of dining tables, cabinets, chairs, sideboards and shelves that do the job well. Plus, you'll find them in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes, which is even more encouraging. Importantly, our dining tables, chairs and other kitchen furniture are good value for money because they're high quality, which you can try out for yourself every day. Additionally, the kitchen furniture from our offer is perfectly adapted to the conditions in which it is to be located. This means that they are resistant to a lot of dirt as well as moisture, which is quite often present in the kitchen. We offer several kitchen collections that will give your room a modern and original look. For example, sideboards or chairs from the Densjo collection will make your kitchen decor soft and bright. Fans of functional solutions will undoubtedly like the folding dining tables from the Uran collection. Shelves from the Harmony series will add character to your kitchen and sharpen the softness of the room a bit. Knowing that our customers appreciate designer solutions, we created shelves with lighting, which you will find in Torino and Velvet. If you want to spice up your kitchen a bit, apart from kitchen furniture and other items, you'll also find decorations in our range. We recommend finding the "other furniture" tab. For example, you will find wine racks, cabinets, mirrors, trays and much more. Our furniture showroom will make sure your kitchen is filled with quality dining tables, chairs, sideboards, shelves and anything else you can think of.