Living room


  • Cocktail cabinets

    Cocktails cabinets

    With nowhere to manage space for wine glasses, whiskey glasses, spirits and all the things you need to create drinks or cocktails, choose a cocktail cabinet. You don't have to worry about not matching them with your living room decor as they come in different shades, sizes as well as shapes. Light or dark, vintage or modern, you're sure to find something to suit you. To make this search easier for you, we have cocktail cabinets from different collections to give variety to our range.

    Stylish coctail cabinets collection

    For those who prefer light wood, the Velvet and Oslo series cocktail cabinets will work well. For those customers who prefer dark, wooden finish, we recommend Dover, Montenegro and Velvet collections. The white cocktail cabinet can be found in the Country 48 series. We know, however, that the colour of the furniture is not everything. The height, width and number of cabinets are equally important. So, for those who prefer low furniture, Country 48, Montenegro and possibly Dover will be the right solution. The former has as many as two glass display cases, the latter has one in the middle, while Dover has none. Their height is up to 130 cm. Taller cocktail cabinets have found their place in Velvet and Oslo. The former contains a huge number of cabinets, which gives it functionality, while the latter is three-door. Take a look at the range of cocktail cabinets above and choose the one that will steal your heart.

  • Bookcases


    We're well aware of what a tough problem it is for avid readers to find space for new books. So we're coming to help. Our assortment includes a huge range of shelving units that are perfectly up to the task. Often we are stopped from buying by lack of space or fear of not matching the furniture with the rest. No worries! You'll find our shelving in different sizes, colours and shapes.

    Bookcases in various styles

    Leaning towards vintage décor, we recommend its enthusiasts the Vievien, Dover, ME5 and ME6 collections. They are characterized by an old-fashioned look and such colours. If you prefer a bookcase in a modern and slightly crazy form then the Velvet 18 bookcase, Riva 06, or Picolo 01. They have a remarkably eye-catching design, irregular shape and are insanely stylish. High standards are the norm for us. Therefore, for those most demanding customers, we have created bookcases that also have lighting and wooden finish. These are Velle 16, as well as LOCARNO 16. For those who suffer from a lack of space, the ME3, Dover and Riva 06 series of bookcases are the right solution. In addition, we also offer racks that have cabinets. Products from the PORTI 70, ME6, ME7, Riva 03 and Dover collections fit this description best. If your decor is quite bright, Riva 03 bookcases will match it, as well as Picolo 01 bookcases. We make sure to focus primarily on what customers need. That's why our range includes so many sizes, shapes and colours. You - our customer - are our top priority when developing new products.

  • Chest of drawers

    Chest of drawers

    Isn't it a must have for our living room? Chests of drawers are some of the most multifunctional and well-known pieces of furniture. You can hide both clothes and dishes in them, and no one but you will have any idea about it. The top of the chest of drawers can be used for books, ornaments, and in some cases even a TV. Great for the living room, but also for the children's room, bedroom, hallway and many other rooms. Since this piece of furniture is so important then you need to make a choice towards its appearance. We know how hard it is to fit everything together. In order to help our customers furnish their homes in the right way, we have created furniture in various shades, shapes and sizes. All this so that you can feel the comfort of a perfectly realised design from your imagination. You will find styles from modern to old-fashioned.

    Collections of chest of drawers

    If you opt for the former, you will certainly like the Monsun, Megan and Lucca collections. The first series defines chic and graceful black, combined with wood along with glazed elements. Megan is all about chest of drawers full of white, shine looking like they are all made of glass. Lucca, on the other hand, is nothing but a white, modern classic that is irresistible, in an interesting shape. Vintage style chests of drawers can be found in the series Vievien, Grenada, Dover. The opening collection is a combination of modernity and old-fashioned style. In the chests of drawers of this series you will see a combination of dark wood along with black and glass. Grenada is the simplicity of dark brown wood combined with delicate decorations, many cabinets and drawers. Dover is the simplest solution, dedicated to lovers of calm in the decor. We encourage you to check out the chests of drawers, from yet other collections that are sure to delight you.

  • Chairs


    What house or apartment in its entire furnishings does not have chairs? Indeed! None. It is undeniably, a multifunctional piece of furniture that we can use in the kitchen, dining room, living room and several other rooms in the house. As you know, the rooms are always slightly different and therefore you cannot put the same chairs everywhere, disturbing the whole decor. Our furniture store has made sure that you don't have to lock yourself into just one style of this furniture. For this reason, the chairs in our assortment come in different sizes, shapes, designs and colours. This makes them a perfect match for virtually any decor. Anyway, find out for yourself.

    Chairs in different versions

    For fans of grey shades we have prepared chairs from Mars, Saturn as well as Belveder 101 series. A bit of a cosmic juxtaposition. The first one, the seating area has quite similar to an armchair, which guarantees comfort, while the legs can be chosen from black, white and others. Chairs from the Saturn collection have internal components in grey, while the legs, together with the border, are surrounded by white. The last one in the set features a grey interior like its predecessor, but in its case the other elements are made of wood. If you prefer to bet on the black finish of the chairs then the Mars collection of colour 018 along with two of its products will work great. Chair number one, is made of dark, almost black wood, while the seat has a grey coloured cushion. As for the back of the furniture, there are strips of wood on it. The second of our proposals is made of the same kind of wood, but the backrest and seat, in this case are grey. As you can see, the selection of chairs in our furniture store is big, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer.

  • Display cabinets

    Display cabinets

    Display cabinets are unquestionably an integral part of virtually any living room. They often store china, coffee or tea making sets, sweets, spirits and many other such things. Because of the diversity of each room, the display cabinets from our furniture store are created in many sizes so that everyone can find something for themselves. Furthermore, you will find these products in modern as well as vintage versions. The range of colours in our window range is really large. As you can see, there is something for everyone.

    Display cabintes for our furniture stores

    For fans of innovation and uniqueness we recommend the WOOD, Visio, Megan and Monsun series. The first two items are display cabinets in white with stylish wooden inserts. The third of our suggestions is a beautiful piece of furniture in white, with a glossy finish that looks like it's transparent. Monsun, on the other hand, is all about class. Black colours on the outside, and just behind the glass window, a beautiful wood finish. Importantly, some in this collection have LED lighting, making it even more tempting to buy. If you love patterns on furniture, Grenada and MOSAIC series will surely be interesting for you. In the case of the former, the panes have ornaments in the form of hemispheres and the whole is surrounded by dark wood. As far as the MOSAIC collection is concerned, as its name suggests it has ornaments in the form of mosaics. They are located on the walls of the display cabinets, just behind the glass. Country style is also nothing foreign to us. For this reason, the AVIGNON series was created, which is known for combining wood with white elements in an old-fashioned style. If you have any questions or advice about buying a product from our range of sites, please feel free to contact us.

  • Mirrors


    The mirror is one of the pieces of furniture that we are afraid not to have in our home, because it can cause us to overlook many things. Whether it's food between our teeth or soiled clothes, one look in the mirror and we already know if everything about our appearance is okay. This piece of furniture can certainly be found in virtually any room in the house. From the bathroom, bedroom, living room to the hallway. In each of these rooms, surely, it will fulfill its purpose. Because of the individual styles in each home, our mirrors come in a variety of designs. Namely, size, shape, pattern, as well as colour are different in each of our products.

    Stylish mirrors for flat

    Lovers of simplicity may like mirrors from the collections Milan 03 and Selene 21. The first item is characterized by a delicate, grey border, which will perfectly match the subdued, in terms of colour, room. Mirrors from the second series, however, do not have a frame, so they fit into any type of decor. If you prefer more expressive colours, we recommend Grenada 80, Country 80 and Desjo collections. Grenada 80 is primarily a very dark wood, almost black. Country 80 is a style, as the name suggests, country. The framing of the mirror in this series is white, but one of the elements is wooden, which adds to the overall charm. Desjo, on the other hand, is light wood with a dark insert just below the bottom of the mirror. If you want something modern, the LOCARNO 80 collection is able to offer you that. The frame, made of light wood, is located only at the top and bottom of the mirror, while the sides do not have it. This look fits perfectly into the modern canon. We invite you to explore our range of mirrors further.

  • Shelves


    It may seem like a rather trivial piece of furniture, however, you couldn't be more wrong. Shelves fill virtually our entire home and have a myriad of uses. In the bathroom, for example, we usually keep toothpaste and toothbrushes on them. In the living room, they often have a function similar to a bookcase, because when you run out of books, a bookshelf is the perfect solution and the same applies to its task in the bedroom. A child's room, on the other hand, requires space for toys. Such a shelf, will certainly prove useful in this task as well. You may notice that despite paying little attention to this piece of furniture, it really has many uses. We know how difficult it is to choose the right furniture to match each other. Our furniture showroom, has series with different styles of products. That goes for the shelves too. So, if you prefer more modern or vintage, you won't have to look long.

    Modern shelves for every room

    Modern style can be found in collections such as Monsun MN12, Bellis 34, 35, Riva 35 and WOOD 35. Monsun is first and foremost, a reflective black, of which the two elements created are disconnected and connected by a shelf made of light wood. In contrast, the two numbers in the Bellis series differ only in length. However, both are also characterized by the combination of an element of reflective black, along with wood, slightly darker than in the previous proposal. This part of the black, is on the back of the shelf, and half changes with the wood. Riva 35 is white, black and wood combined in a truly surprising shape. The last shelf from our list is mainly glossy white, which is complemented by a wooden insert. As you can see our furniture showroom perfectly finds itself in the prevailing trends. But if you have different tastes, you're sure to find something you like in our range of mirrors.

  • Tables


    Various types of tables fill our homes. Coffee tables or dining tables. Most often, the space around them is used for family dinners or for coffee and tea consumed with guests. They can be found in the dining room, living room and even on the terrace. They have a very important function which is to talk to the household members as well as guests from outside. However, sometimes we collide with the problem that they lack reliability and quality. Often, buyers, instead of paying more and being sure that the table will last for many years, prefer to save money without thinking about the consequences. Namely, such tables usually need to be replaced every several months, or several years. Tables from our furniture store, are characterized by great solidity, quality and craftsmanship. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the furniture purchased from us will serve you for many years, and you will not have to worry about another replacement due to some defects.

    Solid and good quality tables

    Check out our range of dining tables and coffee tables. Furniture Collections will help you make the right choice of the range we offer. You will find there, tables in many styles, designs, colours, as well as sizes. A huge range of colours as well as a great choice among great quality furniture is something that sets us apart. There are no boundaries for us and our furniture is the epitome of originality, quality and uniqueness. The range of tables from our furniture store is something for you! Check it out and see for yourself!

  • Cabinets, TV stands

    Cabinets, TV stands

    Furniture has a variety of uses, which is why there is so much of it. The small or large size of a piece of furniture does not indicate its value in terms of its use. In our assortment, besides sofas, tables or dressers, you will find cabinets and TV stands. Their role in your home may seem small to you, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's hard to replace a TV units if you want it to look good and aesthetically pleasing. They are suited to their task, in appearance and dimensions, making it completely pointless to look for replacements, especially if you are looking for a piece of furniture that will last for years. However, when it comes to cabinets, their multi-functionality is undeniably unique. This piece of furniture can be found in the hallway, but it will also serve well in the living room, as well as in the bedroom.

    TV stands and cabinets in fashionable designs

    It is worth remembering that every piece of furniture deserves to look good and blend in with the rest of the decor in a given room. For this reason, TV stands and cabinets from our store are created in various sizes, designs, colours and shapes. All to make sure you are happy with your purchase from us. In addition, our furniture store makes sure that the quality, solidity and decency of the products we create are of the highest possible standard so that each piece of furniture will serve you for many years. You can find TV units and cabinets in our various furniture collections. Thus, your choice will become easier as each series has a different design and style, which makes the furniture original and unique. Feel free to browse our range of TV stands and cabinets.

  • Corner sofas, sofa...

    Sofas, couches and corner sofas

    In our living room, the strategic point is usually the corner where you can relax, drink coffee and tea, or read a book. Sofas and couches fulfill this task perfectly. With their comfort, you'll be able to relax in front of the TV as well as take an afternoon nap. In the assortment of our furniture store you will find sofas, couches and corner sofas in many designs, styles, shapes, colours and sizes. Everything is done so that you are as satisfied as possible with the purchase and that the purchased furniture serves you for many years. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that our sofas and couches have quite a few uses. For example, we know that not everyone has a guest room in their home and it is usually the living room that serves as the guest room. That's why you'll find sofa and couches that can also serve as beds. This option is suitable not only for the guest room or living room, but also for small apartments and studios, where there is no space for a bed and sofa. An important aspect is that in our furniture store you will find not only sofas, couches and corner sofas, but also accessories and decorations to match them, such as cushions.

    Design and comfort - sofas, couches and corner sofas

    It is worth mentioning that, in order to add some originality to your apartment, we offer custom upholstered furniture, which you can find in a separate tab on our website. This solution will certainly appeal to people who love to pour their creativity and uniqueness into their interiors. However, if you prefer to stay with the sofas, couches and corner sofas already in our range, that's great. You'll find them in a variety of styles to suit your home's décor. As one of the leading furniture stores, we know all the news that is most popular and try to make our furniture in that style. If you want to complete your living space with stylish sofas, couches or corner sofas, we invite you to check our offer.


  • Wardrobes

    Wardrobes for apartments

    A wardrobe is a piece of furniture created to store accessories, clothes or shoes inside. It is a very important part of our home because without it, the entire space would be a mess. Often, we don't just keep clothes there, but household items as well, such as a vacuum cleaner or a sweeper. When trying to buy a wardrobe, we have to take into account its size, because usually this type of furniture reaches almost the ceiling, so in this case the width, height and capacity count. As wardrobes are very visible to the eye, our furniture store has made sure that they look impeccable. That's why we've created them in a variety of styles and shapes to match your home's decor. In addition, the price of our wardrobes, includes above all, quality and solidity that will make this furniture serve you for many years, but also very durable.

    Wardrobes for the home in many styles

    Due to the fact that each of us has different tastes, the wardrobes by over manufactured are also so diverse in many ways. From colour, pattern to size and shape. We put a lot of work into making sure every customer who purchases from us is satisfied from start to finish. We never bet on half-measures, but on good quality solutions. In our furniture collections, you'll find wardrobes in many different styles, and matching them with your furniture becomes effortless. If you want to bet on elegant and modern wardrobes, we recommend checking out those from the Visio 70, Livorno 70 and Milan 01 series. You can talk about them for hours, but their most important feature is high quality and reliability. The first proposed collection is represented by wardrobes made of white, glossy material with wooden parts. It has two doors and desginer elements. Livorno 70 is a large, two-door extending wardrobe in two colour versions: grey with wooden parts, and the same but white. The wardrobe is dedicated to clothes that can be hung on a hanger, but also has three small shelves. Whereas Milan 01 is grey delicately combined with light wood. It is an extending wardrobe having drawers, shelves and a place to hang clothes. If you like these suggestions or prefer to look for a wardrobe in a different style, we invite you to browse our offer.

Living room furniture

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We call the living room the heart of the house for a reason. It is a place where we rest, relax after a hard day and meet our family and friends. Therefore, it is essential that the room meets all visual expectations and is fully functional at the same time. Your living room furniture should reflex your style - check our offer of living room furniture, starting from sofas, tv standscouches, coffee tables etc. Regardless of the size of the apartment in the living room, a comfortable sofa should not be missing. We have a variety of sizes and shapes of these pieces of furniture with a solid frame and abrasion-resistant upholstery material. Chests of drawers and wardrobes are massive pieces of furniture, helpful in maintaining order and order. Exciting additions are LED lighting, which will gently add to the interior, and the mirror will visually enlarge the room. If you want to give a peculiar character to your living room, you should consider buying a display case or a bookcase, thanks to which you will subtly display your treasures. Another desirable piece of furniture for the living room is the TV cabinet. It must be conscientiously made so that after some time, there is no deformation under the influence of the weight of the equipment. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of furniture in various styles and colours, where you will find what you are looking for, achieving the precise effect you want.

Stylish living room furniture

Having a furnished living room does not mean that it looks original or cozy. Often, when we don't feel entirely comfortable within those four walls, it usually has to do with its decor. This is the case, for example, when you move into an already furnished apartment, which already has a sofa, bookcase or coffee table in the living room. In that case, it's not worth settling for what you already have if you don't like it. Our range includes living room furniture in different types and shapes so that you can find comfort and peace in the living room you furnish. You decide! Our range includes sofas, couches, coffee tables, bookcases, TV stands and many other pieces of furniture or decor. Also, realizing the difficulty of finding furniture in a similar style, we have created a "collections" tab on our website. It's designed to help you find perfectly matched items in the colour, pattern and shape of your dreams. These collections come in various styles, so you don't have to limit yourself and focus on the modernity and originality we offer. Upholstered sofas or couches will certainly catch your attention, thanks to which relaxation after a hard day will become even more pleasant, especially with a book, which you can take from the bookcase selected by us in a similar colour scheme. The coffee tables in our range will be a great place to treat your guests to a cup of tea or coffee, and the TV chest will fit right in with the rest of your décor! Be an individualist and express yourself with our furniture store.

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