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Granite Ripple Wave Effect

Size – 37cm x 24cm x 100cm

Weight (Kg) - 10.5

Light(s) - N/A

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The Granite Ripple Wave Effect is a contemporary style water feature highlighted by a spotlight. Made of durable high quality polyresin it is amazingly detailed and wonderfuly finished and will be a great decoration for any garden or house. Water illuminated by a spotlight gently flows down to the pool below. Fully self-contained and easy to install just in 5 minutes without any tools.


  • For outdoor and indoor use.
  • Fully self-contained
  • 10W Spotlight


  • 1000mm (h) 370mm (w) 245mm (d)
  • 39.4 inches (h) 14.6 inches (w) 9.6 inches (d)
  • Weight 10.5 kg

The Box Contains

  • Granite Ripple Wave Effect Water Feature by Aqua - HPWF2534
  • Pump & 10 metres of cable

S trade LTD Company is a  large  supplier of water installations in the EU and not only . We propose decorations, water installations, cascades made of: Stone, Resin, Fibreglass Reinforced Concrete, Stainless Steel, Zinc Metal, Corten, Ceramic and Tabletop Self Contained Water Features.

Key points regarding Aqua Self Contained Water Features
- RESIN - Durable Polyresin design suitable for
outdoor and indoor use
- GRC - Fiberglass Reinforced Lightweight Concrete
- STAINLESS STEEL - High quality 304 grade Stainless
- ZINC METAL - Zinc coated Metal
- CERAMIC - Oil fired high quality Ceramic

  • Size 100cm - 150cm
  • Using Indoor and outdoor

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