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73cm Triangular 3 Fall

Size – 27cm x 27cm x 73cm

Weight (Kg) - 9.5

Light(s) - 3x Cluster LED's  

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This gorgeous modern well designed water feature will be a perfect contemporary addition to your garden or patio.
The flowing water illuminated by cluster LED lights from below, this makes that the feature looks fantastic at any time of the day.

Made of high quality heavy duty polyresin, it will be perfect for any time of the year. 


  • Geometric design
  • Complete with LEDs
  • High-quality polyresin 
  • Frost resistant
  • Fully self-contained 
  • 10m cable


  • Width: 27cm (11in)
  • Depth: 27cm (11in)
  • Height: 73cm (29in)


S trade LTD Company is a  large  supplier of water installations in the EU and not only . We propose decorations, water installations, cascades made of: Stone, Resin, Fibreglass Reinforced Concrete, Stainless Steel, Zinc Metal, Corten, Ceramic and Tabletop Self Contained Water Features.

Key points regarding Aqua Self Contained Water Features
- RESIN - Durable Polyresin design suitable for
outdoor and indoor use
- GRC - Fiberglass Reinforced Lightweight Concrete
- STAINLESS STEEL - High quality 304 grade Stainless
- ZINC METAL - Zinc coated Metal
- CERAMIC - Oil fired high quality Ceramic

  • Size 50cm -100cm
  • Using Indoor and outdoor

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