Blog System (C)

Blog Furniture is a proposal designed for children as well as for adolescents

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MEB/Blog System (C)


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Elm / Luxury white / Cappuccino    

Furniture Blog

 The main advantage of this system is fantastic colour scheme and functionality. A wide range of items allows you to create many interesting arrangements. Furniture are made of chipboard while all edges are reinforced by ABS veneer.

Additional information

- Mounting the transparent plastic
- Modern design and unique colour scheme of the furniture
- Furniture for self-assembly, in packages with clear instructions and accessories
- 24 months warranty

Below we present you the elements included in furniture Blog (C):

 - 1x Chest of Drawers Blog BL10 (alt. / Lat/ D- 100/90/40 cm)
- 1x Rack Blog BL8 (alt. / Lat/ D- 195/45/40 cm)
-1x Bed frame without mattress and a desk Blog BL19 (alt. / Lat/ D- 110.5 / 223/95 cm)
- 1x Hanging cabinet Blog BL14 (alt. / Lat/ D- 26/120/30 cm)
- 1x Cabinet RTV Blog BL11 (alt. / Lat. / D- 62/125/50 cm)

Mattress None
Frame YES

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