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  • Sideboards

    Sideboards for flats

    Isn't it a must have for every home and flat? Sideboards are some of the most multifunctional and well-known pieces of furniture. You can hide both clothes and dishes in them, and no one but you will have any idea about it. The top of some sideboards can be used for books, ornaments, and in some cases even a TV. Great for the dining room, but also for the children's room, bedroom, hallway and many other rooms. Since this piece of furniture is so important then you need to make a choice towards its appearance. We know how hard it is to fit everything together. In order to help our customers furnish their homes in the right way, we have created furniture in various shades, shapes and sizes. All this so that you can feel the comfort of a perfectly realised design from your imagination. You will find styles from modern to old-fashioned.

    Collections of sideboards

    If you opt for the former, you will certainly like the Visio, Megan and Lucca collections. The first series defines chic and graceful white, combined with light wood along elements. Megan is all about sideboards full of white, shine looking like they are all made of glass. Lucca, on the other hand, is nothing but a white, modern classic that is irresistible, in an interesting shape. Vintage style chests of drawers can be found in the series Belveder, Grenada, Dover. The opening collection is a definition of old-fashioned style. In the sideboards of this series you will see a combination of grey wood and classy shape. Grenada is sideboards the simplicity of dark brown wood combined with delicate decorations, many cabinets and drawers. Dover is the simplest solution, dedicated to lovers of calm in the decor. We encourage you to check out the sideboards, from yet other collections that are sure to delight you.

  • Chairs


    What house or apartment in its entire furnishings does not have chairs? Indeed! None. It is undeniably, a multifunctional piece of furniture that we can use in the kitchen, dining room, living room and several other rooms in the house. As you know, the rooms are always slightly different and therefore you cannot put the same chairs everywhere, disturbing the whole decor. Our furniture store has made sure that you don't have to lock yourself into just one style of this furniture. For this reason, the chairs in our assortment come in different sizes, shapes, designs and colours. This makes them a perfect match for virtually any decor. Anyway, find out for yourself.

    Chairs in different versions

    For fans of grey shades we have prepared chairs from Mars, Saturn as well as Belveder 101 series. A bit of a cosmic juxtaposition. The first one, the seating area has quite similar to an armchair, which guarantees comfort, while the legs can be chosen from black, white and others. Chairs from the Saturn collection have internal components in grey, while the legs, together with the border, are surrounded by white. The last one in the set features a grey interior like its predecessor, but in its case the other elements are made of wood. If you prefer to bet on the black finish of the chairs then the Mars collection of colour 018 along with two of its products will work great. Chair number one, is made of dark, almost black wood, while the seat has a grey coloured cushion. As for the back of the furniture, there are strips of wood on it. The second of our proposals is made of the same kind of wood, but the backrest and seat, in this case are grey. As you can see, the selection of chairs in our furniture store is big, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer.

  • Shelves


    It may seem like a rather trivial piece of furniture, however, you couldn't be more wrong. Shelves fill virtually our entire home and have a myriad of uses. In the bathroom, for example, we usually keep toothpaste and toothbrushes on them. In the living room, they often have a function similar to a bookcase, because when you run out of books, a bookshelf is the perfect solution and the same applies to its task in the bedroom. A child's room, on the other hand, requires space for toys. Such a shelf, will certainly prove useful in this task as well. You may notice that despite paying little attention to this piece of furniture, it really has many uses. We know how difficult it is to choose the right furniture to match each other. Our furniture showroom, has series with different styles of products. That goes for the shelves too. So, if you prefer more modern or vintage, you won't have to look long.

    Modern shelves for every room

    Modern style can be found in collections such as Picolo 09, Bellis 34, 35, Riva 35 and WOOD 35. The shelves of the Picolo 09 series, on the other hand, are in the shape of a rectangular box without a cover. Practically the whole is in white, while the furniture element on the bottom wall is in a shade of gray. In contrast, the two numbers in the Bellis series differ only in length. However, both are also characterized by the combination of an element of reflective black, along with wood, slightly darker than in the previous proposal. This part of the black, is on the back of the shelf, and half changes with the wood. Riva 35 is white, black and wood combined in a truly surprising shape. The last shelf from our list is mainly glossy white, which is complemented by a wooden insert. As you can see our furniture store perfectly finds itself in the prevailing trends. But if you have different tastes, you're sure to find something you like in our range of shelves.

  • Dining tables

    Dining tables

    Some of the most essential furniture in the entire house. Why? It is at the dining tables that you spend your family time, having dinner with your family. It is while sitting at the dining tables that you tell each other stories from your day. Because of their considerable contribution to our lives, we must take care that they are, above all, of the best quality, and moreover, that they are characterized by solidity and aesthetics of performance. Our furniture store will help you with that! In our offer you will find dining tables in various designs, sizes, colours and even shapes! We have been in the furniture business for years, which means we have a lot of experience in what we do. We will help you make the right choice right after listening to all your suggestions.

    Dining tables in many styles and designs

    Our range of dining tables ranges from modern products to vintage, so there is something for everyone. The dining tables from the Jowisz, MOSAIC 40 and Kama 40 collections are definitely in the modern version. The first of the above series is, above all, glossy white, the surface of which reflects the light in a very aesthetic way. MOSAIC 40 has as table legs, two black hollow square-shaped elements on both narrow sides. In turn the upper part of this table is composed of a thick piece of wood. As for the latter, the top of the table has a glossy black colour that reflects light. All the rest of the furniture is made of light wood. However, if you are looking for a more original dining table, these from the AVIGNON collection will do just fine. Made of wood with white-painted elements, they give the whole thing a country style. As you can see, in our furniture store, there is something for everyone.Check out our offer and enjoy a solid dining table that will serve you and your family for many years!

  • Cupboards

    Cupboards in many, stylish versions

    It is worth remembering that every piece of furniture deserves to look good and blend in with the rest of the decor in a given room. For this reason, cupboards from our furniture store are created in various sizes, designs, colours and shapes. All to make sure you are happy with your purchase from us. In addition, our furniture store makes sure that the quality, solidity and decency of the products we create are of the highest possible standard so that each piece of furniture will serve you for many years. You will find cupboards for your apartment or house in our offer, in various furniture collections. Thus, your choice will become easier as each series has a different design and style, which makes the furniture original and unique. Feel free to browse our range of cupboards, and you certainly won't regret choosing our furniture store.

    Cupboards for houses and apartments

    We know how hard it is to fit everything together. In order to help our customers furnish their homes in the right way, we have created furniture in various shades, shapes and sizes. All this so that you can feel the comfort of a perfectly realised design from your imagination. You will find styles from modern to old-fashioned. If you are looking for cupboards with glass elements, the Country 48, Bellis 15, as well as PORTI 11 collections may certainly appeal to you. The first of the proposals, has its style switched in the name. It has two glass doors on the sides and in the middle there are two drawers and one cupboard. The whole thing is mostly covered in white with wooden elements. Bellis 15 is a rather large cupboard with one glass door, and the whole thing is in dark wood. The last item listed is an oblong wooden cupboard in chocolate oak that has black elements. Also, it has a single pane of glass. However, if you prefer an old-fashioned, wooden style, then the Dover series will suit you perfectly. The gentle curves of the shapes add to the vintage style, while the glass pane adds a touch of otherworldliness. The timeless primavera cherry colour gives the cabinet a certain aesthetic appeal. Such a wardrobe will certainly find a great place in the dining room, kitchen, as well as the living room. If you like what we have to offer, you definitely need to check out our range of cupboards.

  • TV units

    TV units

    Store your TV set and all electronic devices, with flexibility and extra space

  • Display units

    Display units

    Display units are unquestionably an integral part of virtually any living room. They often store china, coffee or tea making sets, sweets, spirits and many other such things. Because of the diversity of each room, the display units from our furniture store are created in many sizes so that everyone can find something for themselves. Furthermore, you will find these products in modern as well as vintage versions. The range of colours in our window range is really large. As you can see, there is something for everyone.

    Display units for our furniture stores

    For fans of innovation and uniqueness we recommend the WOOD, Visio and Megan series. The first two items are display units in white with stylish wooden inserts. The third of our suggestions is a beautiful piece of furniture in white, with a glossy finish that looks like it's transparent. If you love patterns on furniture, Grenada and MOSAIC series will surely be interesting for you. In the case of the former, the panes have ornaments in the form of hemispheres and the whole is surrounded by dark wood. As far as the MOSAIC collection is concerned, as its name suggests it has ornaments in the form of mosaics. They are located on the walls of the display units, just behind the glass. Country style is also nothing foreign to us. For this reason, the AVIGNON series was created, which is known for combining wood with white elements in an old-fashioned style. If you have any questions or advice about buying a product from our range of sites, please feel free to contact us.

Dining room furniture

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Eating together at the family table is more important than just satisfying hunger. It is essential in building relationships, and it also has a significant impact on the development of children. Familiarize yourself with our complete offer, and make every moment in the dining room, associate your loved ones with convenience and comfort. The necessary equipment for the dining room furniture is chairs and tables. We have a sophisticated and wide range of chairs made of various materials. Sideboards and cabinets will make your dining room thoughtful and attractive, and you will display family treasures. Functional cabinets and shelves are irreplaceable because you can store in them, for example, additional tableware. A complementary piece of furniture for the dining room is a TV cabinet, which will modernize and diversify this room. Using our extensive catalogue of furniture, you can easily arrange your home in the style you want, ensuring many years of luxury.

A large dining room? An eat-in kitchen? Regardless of the size - you need proper dining room furniture! Enjoy your everyday meal with our all-sizes, all-styles, all-colours, adaptable furniture. Dining tableschairscupboardssideboards, and even tv stands. All under one roof.

Modern dining room furniture

Not sure what style to decorate your dining room in? Need a dinner table that is sturdy and will last for years? You've come to the right place! Our furniture showroom will provide you with contemporary dining chairs, tables, sideboards, shelves or cabinets. The variety of furniture styles in our range will make it impossible for you to decide. However, despite the difference between them, they share a few essential features - robustness, high quality and original aesthetics. No matter what you choose, you will be aware that you are not throwing money down the drain but investing in comfort for years to come. Focus on peace and comfort for yourself as well as your loved ones. Furniture collections will help you choose furniture to match so that the whole thing composes nicely. If you prefer wooden dining tables, we recommend Torino, Velvet, Saturn, Belveder, MOSAIC, and many other collections. However, if you prefer lighter tones, tables from the Jupiter, Sunny and Uranus collections will work well. The dining chairs match the furniture in your collection, so you don't have to worry. This also applies to sideboards, cabinets, but also shelves. Make your own choice, bet on strade!