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  • Ikar

    Collection Ikar - furniture for children's room

    Furniture for teenagers and children that meets the latest trends and is a great option for parents who want to create the ideal conditions for the development of their children. Thanks to the wide range of handles’ colours, the furniture can be tailored to fit the individual child’s temper. Thanks to their modularity and high mobility, the cabinets can be customized and arranged at will.

    Unique furniture for children

    The space of the room is to promote the development of your child, so you should choose unique and functional furniture. With the help of fancy handles, you will create a place where your children will not be bored.

  • Young

    Collection of furniture for teenagers - Young

    The light, modern form of YOUNG furniture can be used to create various arrangements that meet the needs of teenagers. This system characterizes with elements in vivid yellow, combined with toned down colours of latte oak and white. The set comprises of thirteen functional elements - asymmetrical, wall-mounted bookshelves, ergonomic cabinets, a modern bed and a desk with a side drawer.

    Durable furniture for many years

    Young people usually have an intense lifestyle. Playing football in the comfort of your room, skateboarding or meeting with friends is a permanent package of free time. By choosing Young Furniture you do not have to worry that your young man's energetic character will destroy the arrangement of the room. Thanks to the precision of workmanship and care for every detail and use of the highest quality materials, the furniture from this collection is in perfect condition for years to come.

  • Wow

    Another furniture for teenagers - Collection Wow

    WOW collection is a system of furniture for creative teens. Asymmetrical solid shapes and a unique combination of colors: graphite, nagano oak and green iguana, allow you to create a modern and comfortable interior. Particular attention is paid to the ingeniously designed desk, which connects to the rotating rack that gives the uniqueness of each arrangement. The WOW system is ideal for both girls and boys of all ages.

    Green color

    Create an opportunity for your child to enter adulthood with power! A clear combination of colors and unusual form of furniture will create ideal conditions for your children's development. The dynamic design of the furniture will be well matched with the temperament of the young man.

    Handy handles

    Children love uncomplicated solutions, so Wow furniture systems have handy handles that allow quick access to the contents of cabinets, cabinets and chests. Opening and closing has never been so easy.

  • Happy collection

    HAPPY SZYNAKA Furniture is a modern collection for a children's or youth room. It is made of chipboard in an interesting combination of colours. The predominant light shade Larch White Sibiu brings lightness to the interior, and Beech Iconic emphasizes the shape of the elements, making them more expressive. Original cut-outs instead of handles on the facades emphasize the minimalist character of the collection. Wardrobes are additionally can be equipped with LED lighting, which lights up, when the door is opened. Furniture Happy Szynaka allows to equip the place for relaxation and study.

  • Country

    Collection Country furniture for living room and dining room

    Country collection is the furniture that excites the emotions. Their unique form, precise workmanship and elaborate details will allow you to create arrangements that reflect your individual expectations. The harmonious color range and non-luminous details emphasize the individual style of each element. The furniture of the Country line will create an extraordinary living room, where everyday life becomes an unforgettable experience and a cozy dining room that is a perfect place for many unique meetings. Make sure all the best thoughts are connected to your home.

    The moments that connect

    The elegant combination of oak striling with pine andersen highlights the unconventionality of every project. Due to the furniture of the Country collection every moment will gain a unique setting. Invite your beloved ones to the table and enjoy every moment

    Design trends

    Get the individual charm of your room. Stick to the things that matter to the family and set new trends that reflect your individual style. Because all the best starts in your home. You will find cupboards, commodes, coffee tables, cabinets, tables, and glass cabinets.

  • Jowisz

    Table Jowisz

    Any self-respecting period home needs to have a real table. One which will persuade the lady of the house, that it can hold everything and there is no danger of nasty surprises. A table is an item of furniture which is most frequently used. This is where breakfasts, dinners and suppers are served and as a result its durability is key. Available in three colors: oak sonoma, wenge, white glance.

Trendline collection

Further Trendline. This collection is designed for people who appreciate conveniences and functionality. Modern design, unique colouring and subtle
compose lighting elements accent inimitable character of furniture.
Through practical configuration, individual programmes make possible to create arrangement of interior in different function:
living-room, dinning room, bedroom, office, youth room and children’s room.
We believe that our furniture will create a tasteful and comfortable interior.
We introduce our TRENDLINE collection.