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Colection Trendline


  • Desjo

    Collection Desjo furniture for living room dining room and bedroom

    Inspiring solutions with a modern shape and design. It is for those seeking simple but unique solutions. This collection with the colours of sanremo oak fits perfectly into the current trends. Its decor is distinguished visually by 3D effects, giving the impression of a deep surface. This effect was obtained by the perfect combination of negative pores and expressive drawings of wood. The different sizes of knots, fine scratches and beams of wood are naturally emphasized. DESJO line is ideally suited to the living room, dining room and bedroom.

  • Dover

    Collection Dover furniture for living room, bedroom , dining room and office

    A collection created with passion, a high sense of aesthetics and ergonomics.The multitude of shapes and the captivating, timeless primavera cherry colour ensures comfort and luxury of arranging the interior. Gentle curves emphasize the individual character of the furniture.

    Expressive details

    Do you like expressive details that emphasize the classic character of e
    lements? Perfectly because metal handles emphasizes the unique style of the Dover collection, and also add functionality to the furniture.

    Large tables

    Design a space dedicated to unique moments.
    All your friends and relatives will gather around the table of the Dover collection, and the rounded edges of the table will ensure safety and excellent appearance.

  • Kashmir

    Collection Kashmir furniture for living room and dining room

    Kashmir collection is a proposal for those who value minimalism and elegance.
    The non-standard shapes of bodies have been designed to serve their usable and aesthetic functions in the best possible way.The excellent combination of colours: cashmere and Sangallo elm makes this system timeless and suitable for any interior.
    Dark Sangallo elm details as the modern forms of handles deserve special attention.
    Kashmir collection is an ideal solution for people who value originality and superiority and want interiors to express their style.

  • Loft

    LOFT furniture for living room, dining room and office

    An ultra-modern system in light colours.It provides limitless possibilities to arrange large spaces with minimalistic design.
    Simple forms of furniture will decorate any interior following recent trends. The linearity of fronts and austere geometry of masses have been emphasised with shimmering white combined with dark Malaga cherry.
    The elements of LOFT system have been designed to maintain their functionality.
    The collection comprises of capacious media cabinets, chests of drawers, cabinets, bookshelves and wall units, whose interiors have been equipped with LED lighting.

     Multifunctional furniture

    Loft furniture transforms according to your expectations. Hanging cabinet can change into a functional desk in a few minutes. Everything depends on what you want at the moment. Because your needs are the most important to us.

  • Malta

    Сollection of furniture for living room and dining room

    Malta collection is a proposal for a modern interior. It’s furniture for those who seek originality and unique design. The shimmering white combined with dark walnut colouring makes the furniture expressive. The softly rounded edges are safer for the users. Malta has many unusual shapes that will satisfy the most sophisticated design needs.

    In this collection you will find tables, armchairs, sideboards, RTV cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers and even wardrobes and a mirror

  • Meris

    A collection developed in two climatic colours. Malaga Cherry for those who want to infuse interiors with elegance and chic; Royal Acacia for those who prefer warmth and cosy atmosphere.

  • Milo

    Milo furniture for bedroom

    Milo is a combination of modern form with functionality. A characteristic feature of this collection is a wide, comfortable bed with two pull-out bedside cabinets and drawers. Extremely spacious wardrobe can successfully accommodate clothes of even several users. The set is completed by two functional drawers, which, together with other elements make an exceptional bedroom area.

    Gentle colors

    A bedroom is a place where after a hard day you can regain strength and be yourself. The Milo Collection will bring positive energy to every interior. The combination of a delicate white with an oak tree emphasizes the unique design of the structures.

    Space for rest

    Do you want to arrange a relaxing interior? The Milo collection will create a harmonious bedroom interior where you can easily regain strength even after the hardest day. Large drawers provide ample storage space, so you can place in your bedroom everything you need to enjoy the small joys of everyday life.

  • Monez

    Monez - Furniture for dining room, living room, office and teenagers room

    The innovative pine laminate with Avola pine structure combined with graphite elements gives the furniture exceptional nature. A wide range of elements in the line allows to arrange various practical combinations of the furniture in the living room and to create your own, unique asylum in the youth area. The variety of shapes allows the arrangement of a dining room, as well as an ideal office, where you will love to spend your time and the tasks performed will be a pleasure.

    Stylish combination of colors

    Do you think that ideal combinations do not exist? Monez furniture combines a deep shade of graphite with the color of pine avola, so every piece of furniture looks great. Now you know that you will arrange your perfect interior.

  • Salvo

    Salvo - furniture for dining room and living room

    Is an interesting combination of the colours of nut and high-gloss white. This system features simplicity and minimalist form – discernible in every detail. The distinguishing elements include the decorative, bold detail on the carcass and the delicate, hardly visible handle. The nut veneer perfectly reflects the colour and pattern of natural wood. Modern, atmospheric lighting adds the finishing touch to the whole.

    Relax and rest

    Sit down at Salvo's dining table and enjoy every moment spent in the comfort of your home. The harmonious colors of the furniture allow you to create a space for rest and relaxation.

    Space for you and your guests

    Your living room is a meeting place with your loved ones? In this case, it is worth to showcase your favorite items of everyday use and family memorabilia, so that this space will be favorable to you and others.

  • Wenecja

    Collection Wenecja furniture for bedroom

    A modern bedroom, composed of minimalist shapes characterized by a simple form. A distinctive element of the furniture is the combination of white with sonoma oak decor. Lack of handles causes that the furniture gets an even more minimalist look. White perfectly matches other colours, so the collection will be perfect for many different interiors and designs.

    Perfect combination

    The combination of classic white with an interesting oak color makes each piece of furniture exotic and interesting. Minimalism of this collection will look in any environment, due to this you create a unique interior.

    Comfort and elegance

    A very comfortable bed with an elegant night table, functional dressers and a spacious wardrobe will be the ideal equipment for any comfortable bedroom. Furniture collection Wenecja is designed for the most demanding users who want to enjoy every moment spent in the comfort of their own home.

  • Alice Collection

    Furniture Alice for living room and dining room

    ALICE SZYNAKA Furniture is a modern collection dedicated living rooms and dining rooms. It is made of veneer in original larch white sibiu / beech iconic colour with expressed wood texture. Items of collection combine passion for classics and modern functionality, thanks to which this unusual collection is commended by demanding users. Showcases are additionally equipped with lighting, small round handles in silver colour are an interesting complement to the whole. Through precise workmanship and high quality materials used in this collection, furniture ALICE will be a great addition to the living room and dining room.

    Charming furniture

    The white is complemented by metal, round handles. These furnitures blend well with any other color, making it easy to give your room individual character. Relax and enjoy the charm of your arrangement.

    Successful combination of colors in furniture

    The way to make an effective arrangement is in color combinations, the best proof is the Alice collection. These unique furniture combine the beauty of the white larch with the details of the iconic beech color, giving it a unique style.

  • Belfort

    Belfort Collection furniture for dining room and living room

    In the collection you will find rtv cabinets, wardrobes, cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers.

    Put in your daily life an energy injection of white. Belfort furniture combines modern design with timeless functionality. The delicate details in san diego color perfectly emphasize the charm of each element. Subtlely integrated handles add lightweight to the fronts of the collection. Belfort is a furniture that will allow you to arrange an elegant dining room and modern living room. Due to them, every moment spent in the comfort of your home will gain a great value.

    Furniture beautiful from the inside

    Open furniture elements will allow your favorite things to always be in sight, and subtle lighting will bring out the individual charm of each item. You already know what will stand on your shelves?

    In response to your expectations

    The white color range of furniture from this collection will put you in a perfect mood every day, and the occasional table will allow you to spend nice moments in the comfort of your own home. Give yourself time to enjoy!

  • Zefir Collection

    Zefir - furniture for bedroom

    The Zefir collection is bedroom furniture that allows you to create an extraordinary space that promotes a relaxing and regenerating atmosphere. The combination of the warm and noble walnut of San Diego with glossy whiteness and asymmetrical lines enhances the character of the set. Standard illumination of the headboard gives charm and the choice of two styles of nightstands. Closed wardrobe with lighting passepartou, bed with a container, where the grate rises as standard and a special chest with 4 drawers, also allows you to create a functional space in the interior.

    Surround yourself with things that bring you joy

    A bedroom is a place where you must surround yourself not only with what you need, but also with what will give you joy. The Zefir chest of drawers will accommodate everything you need every day.

    Furniture that meets your expectations

    With functional night tables all you need is within reach. A wide wardrobe allows you to store many things that you need. A chest with many drawers will also help you. The ensemble will be completed with the irreplaceable in each bedroom mirror.

    Furniture Zefir creates an elegant and comfortable space for relaxation and rest even after the hardest day.

TRENDLINE collection

This collection is designed for people who appreciate conveniences and functionality. Modern design, unique colouring and subtle
compose lighting elements accent inimitable character of furniture.
Through practical configuration, individual programmes make possible to create arrangement of interior in different function:
living-room, dinning room, bedroom, office, youth room and children’s room.
We believe that our furniture will create a tasteful and comfortable interior.
We introduce our TRENDLINE collection.