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Prestigeline Collection


  • Belis

    Collection Bellis solid wood furniture

    Furniture for living room and dining room

    Each house is unique, just like every centimeter of wood which Bellis collection furniture is made of. These unique projects combine the beauty of nature with elegance and contemporary design trends. Black details emphasize the subtle charm of wood and add a unique character to the elements. Are you dreaming of making your home an oasis of tranquility that fosters relaxation in the loneliness or with family? Optional lighting will allow you to insert a positive energy stream into each interior. Because happiness begins in your home.

    In the right frame

    Moments spent in the comfort of your own home require a suitable setting, so enchant your loved ones with special arrangements. Bellis furniture collects the unique charm of solid wood, which is highlighted by black inserts.

    The beauty of everyday life

    Surround yourself with the uniqueness, and let yourself materialize your images of beautiful arrangements. The ribbed element brings out the individual character of the elements, so you create an unmatched interior.

    Time dedicated to you

    The moment of relaxing after a hard day in the comfort of your own home is one of the most pleasant moments of the day. The Bellis's coffee table is a place where you'll be happy with a cup of coffee or a meeting with guests. Do you know which form of relaxation you will choose? You will also find cupboards, glass cabinets, shelves, coffee tables, chests of drawers.

  • Harmony

    Living room furniture. Dining room furniture

    You will find here a wide selection of: cupboards, sideboards, shelves, tables, etc.

    Collection for those who are looking for modern design in contrasting colours: graphite and walnut. Its biggest assets are the perfect details. The wood, aluminium frame stiles and metal handles make a special composition in any interior. By breaking the standards this unconventional colour combination and original construction of each piece of furniture make every room enrapture with special charm. Modern revolving table shall meet the needs of the most demanding user. It can be easily adjusted to interiors of any size.

  • Porti

    Furniture Szynaka- Porti

    Furniture for a living room or a dining room

    Porti furniture is a project where the charm of the oak wood has been invented. Black glass inserts and riveted elements emphasize the unique style of the collection, so that each arrangement will be unique. The metal handle and frame adorned with glass elements bring out the beauty of natural materials. Optional lighting turns your interior into a relaxing place. Porti collections will allow you to celebrate every moment spent in your home. Choose furniture designed for your needs!

    Beauty is in the details

    Looking for projects that look unique with unique details? The rashed element decorating the furniture of the Porti collection will surely draw the attention of connoisseurs of unusual design.

    For those who value comfort

    The light elements perfectly expose the natural texture of the wood, and the use of the sensory switch will provide the highest comfort. You will turn off and turn on the lights when ever you want to.

    Charming with color

    We know you like the ability of choice, so the Porti collection is designed in two colors. The antique oak is a proposal for those who appreciate the subtle color range, while the chocolate oak will appeal to those who like expressive colors. Do you know which of these options will work better in your home?

  • Princessa

    Set of furniture for girls and boys

    The first system designed for the youngest users. Extremely practical and charming. It is offered in two shades, white and white combined with birch in the shade of cognac, to fit any colour of the interior. The exceptional pedestals, top panels and wooden handles make the style of the line unique.


    You will find here a wide selection of: beds, cots, wardrobes, cupboards, , shelves, desks, etc.

    is a charming and elegant collection which created for the youngest users. It is made ​​of natural materials. Sculpted cornices and skirting boards, wooden round handles and a snow-white color of birch wood accentuate gorgeous fabulous design. A choice of two colors – dazzling White or White / Cognac – allows you to create an interior for girl or boy. Additionally, the furniture Princessa Szynaka has been designed in such a way as to be useful both for the child in infancy, as well as a teenager.

  • Torino

    Living room or dining room furniture - Torino

    Is a unique combination of elegance and modern design, highlighted in every detail. Massive chests of drawers, cabinets, base and wall units attract attention with the exquisite pattern of natural, oiled oak wood. The colour of carcass and fronts toned down with delicate details of high-grade stainless steel adds elegance and uniqueness to the furniture. The characteristic cuts on massive fronts are distinguishing features of this collection. Discretely incorporated lighting elements in glazed sections and on the edges of glass shelves, provide the furniture with unique looks and additionally create an exceptional mood in the interior.

    TORINO SZYNAKA Furniture

    includes cupboards, sideboards, tables, commode, coffee tables, tv cabinets etc.

    Is a new collection with unique natural drawing, oiled Oak Gold. The body is made of veneered chipboard; front – solid wood. The combination of elegance and modern design is highlighted in every detail. Decorative cuts on massive fronts and delicate stainless steel inserts are the distinguishing feature of this collection. Handles are made in the form of the recess in the fronts. The lights on the edges of wall-mounted glass shelves and optional LED lighting of showcases give the furniture Torino Szynaka an unique look. The variety of shapes allows arrange the interior of a living room or dining room.

  • Tre

    Furniture Szynaka-Tre

    The perfect fusion of malaga cherry with beige in high gloss and aluminium fittings at the fronts, is a perfect offer for a person with sophisticated taste. The natural charm and elegance of individual elements provide the interior with  a taste of idyllic tranquillity. Drawers with the push to open function further raise the prestige of the collection and make it more functional.

    Collection Tre - furniture for living room, dinning room or bedroom

  • Velvet

    VELVET SZYNAKA Furniture

    VELVET is an exclusive collection designed in a modern way. The beauty of furniture is emphasized by the rustic oak decor and the characteristic horizontal, illuminated insert of solid wood introduced between the front elements. The smooth transitions make for coherent compositions and make the pieces of furniture seem lighter. The collection was created with the everlasting love of class and elegance, and it will allow you to create complex arrangements in your interior.

    Velvet furniture for living room or dinnig room

    is an exclusive collection designed in a modern style. The noble Oak Rustical and horizontal highlighted element on the front emphasize the beauty of this furniture. Decorative accents in the form of aluminum handles and frames add charm and delicacy. Showcases are additionally can be equipped with LED lighting. Velvet Szynaka is characterized by geometric forms in the massive frame. 15 items of this collection allow you to make a beautiful and comfortable interior of the living room, bedroom and dining room.

    You will find here: Chest of drawers, wardrobes, tv cabinets, shelves, tables, coffee tables, dressers, beds, commodes and mirrors

  • Vievien


    It combines the classic colour of solid oak coloured in cognac with modern laminate in black mat. The fusion of contrasting finishing elements is perfect for both – a living room and a dining room. Subtle details in aluminium emphasize the unique style of the collection. It is the perfect choice for lovers of timeless elegance.

    Furniture for living room, dinning room, bedroom or office

    You find wide range : cupboards, sideboards, tables, commode , beds, chest of drawers , coffee tables, wardrobes, TV units, chairs,desks, mirrors. Vievien is a stylish collection which combines classic texture of oak painted in Cognac color, modern Black laminate and original inserts of Black Glass. It is designed for those who appreciate the one hand, functionality and comfort, on the other hand, looks for unusual design decisions. Wall-mounted items and showcases with glass shelves give balance and ease of composition. Backlit glass shelves adds charm. Drawers equipped with Quadro system with a quiet closing. Contrasting trim of the furniture Vievien Szynaka looks perfect in the living room, office, bedroom or dining room, giving the interior a majestic character.

Prestigeline Collection

This collection is designed for people who appreciate conveniences and functionality.Madern design, unique colouring and subtle compose lighting elements accent inimitable character of furniture.Through practical configuration, individual programmes make possible to create arrangement of interior in different function: living-room, dinning room, bed room, office, youth room and children’s room. We believe that our furniture will create a tasteful and comfortable interior.