A dresser is the dream of anyone who loves to paint, comb, or otherwise groom their face and hair. Moreover, this piece of furniture beautifies the room it is placed in. Due to the different tastes of our customers in our assortment there are dressers in many designs, styles and colours.

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VELVET 78 One drawer dressing table VELVET 78 One drawer dressing table
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VELVET 78 Dressing table with 1 drawer



The combination of the color of rustic oak with the classic block of furniture makes this furniture furnish above-average spaces in your apartment. Solid chests of drawers and cabinets, shelves, TV cabinets, dressing tables will allow you to store many everyday items. Many of these pieces of furniture have been additionally supplemented as standard with a decorative illuminated solid wood strip that brings out the beauty of oak wood. Relax, chill or socialize with this Velvet collection!

Margo bedside table Margo bedside table
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Margo bedside table

 Elegant and practical bedside table to the bedroom. Margo bedside table is made of high quality laminated board in different colors. Bedside table is equipped with one drawer with a comfortable handle. Thanks to the compact size fits up to a small interior.

Stylish dressers for your home

Each of us dreams of a place where we can store all our cosmetics, for which it is often necessary to develop a corner. Also, we often don't have the opportunity to do our makeup, so we do it in the bathroom or on the dresser, which is not a very convenient option. The solution to this problem is dressing tables! Stylish and chic furniture that makes doing all these things so much easier. In addition, dressing tables have a classy and graceful feel to them and add elegance to the entire room they are placed in. Our furniture store has taken it upon itself to ensure that each dressers we create has its own individual shape, design and colour. In addition, we are aware of the variety of tastes and that is why our offer includes dressing tables in various styles.

Dressers in many furniture collections

As we mentioned above, the variety of dressers is a very important thing because everyone likes something different. For this reason, our furniture store features furniture collections that represent a variety of styles. In addition, they are a great solution for those who buy all the furniture in our store and want to match all the furniture cohesively. For example, the Velvet 78 collection offers old-fashioned dressing tables. It is created from rustic oak, has a drawer and is full of ample counter space. It will give your interior a bit of an old-fashioned touch. If, however, you prefer modern and bright solutions, the Selene 31 and Madison 24, 23 series will surely appeal to you. The first of the collection shows a snow-white dressing table with two drawers. Its shape is very modern and will fit perfectly into such style of room and house. While Madison 24, 23 are two dressing tables in alpine white birch. The first one has as many as four drawers and two shelves, which adds to its functionality. The Madison 23 contains two drawers, but this does not detract from it having high quality and solid construction. If you like our dressing table suggestions, we invite you to further explore our range of these, as well as other home furnishings.