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This is a collection intended for both children and young people. Undeniable advantages of this set are interesting and colorful stylistics, as well as functional forms of cabinets. A wide selection of cabinets allows you to create many interesting interiors. The furniture is made of a furniture board, and all the edges have been reinforced with ABS veneer. The collection uses transparent plastic handles.
Furniture for self-assembly (in packages with clear instructions and accessories). 24-month warranty.

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Blog bookshelf BL5 Blog bookshelf BL5
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Blog bookshelf BL5


Blog Furniture is a proposal designed for children as well as for adolescents. The main advantage of this system is fantastic colour scheme and functionality. A wide range of items allows you to create many interesting arrangements. Furniture are made of chipboard while all edges are reinforced by ABS veneer.

Wardrobe Blog BL3 Wardrobe Blog BL3
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Wardrobe Blog BL3


Wardrobe is designed for the youth\'s room. Inside the cabinet is a rod for hanging clothes. Moreover cabinet is equipped with one small drawer and open shelf for small items.

Bed with frame and the desk... Bed with frame and the desk...
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Bed with frame and the desk Blog BL19


We present you bed with frame without a mattress with the total area of 90 x 200cm. It is equipped with four drawers, shelves and bays. The great advantage is a retractable desk with the dimensions of height, width, depth: 72, 95, 55 cm. Avaliable desk system is visible in the picture.