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    This is a collection intended for both children and young people. Undeniable advantages of this set are interesting and colorful stylistics, as well as functional forms of cabinets. A wide selection of cabinets allows you to create many interesting interiors. The furniture is made of a furniture board, and all the edges have been reinforced with ABS veneer. The collection uses transparent plastic handles.
    Furniture for self-assembly (in packages with clear instructions and accessories). 24-month warranty.

  • Komi

    Komi Furniture

    Komi is a combination of interesting colors and unique design with functionality. This furniture is great for arranging children's and youth rooms. An incredible advantage of this collection are two sets of colors to choose from, so we can arrange a pink room for a girl or a blue room for a boy. Komi furniture is equipped with plastic handles and drawers on the guide rollers. The furniture is designed for self-assembly, it comes in packages with clear instructions and accessories. Manufacturer's warranty is 24 months. Product of Poland.

  • Labirynt

    Labirynt Furniture

    Labirynt is a collection of modern furniture of attractive colors. Available in three colors to choose from. In addition, many of the available closets will help to arrange almost any children's or youth room. A characteristic element of this collection are square plastic handles that blend well with the unique colors of the collection. A high-quality laminated board was used for production. The furniture is designed for self-assembly, it comes in packages with clear instructions and accessories. The warranty is 24 months. Product of Poland.

  • Next

    Next Furniture

    Next - modern furniture designed for children and youth. The furniture is of an interesting design and is available in two colors. The advantage of the collection is a large number of available cabinets, so we can easily and interestingly equip any room. All the elements of the collection were made of high-quality furniture board, and the handles and legs are made of plastic. Next furniture also has plastic handles and drawers with guide rollers. The furniture is designed for self-assembly. The package contains clear instructions and accessories. 24 months warranty. Polish product.

  • Mobi

    Mobi Furniture

    Mobi is a youth furniture recommended to every young user. The universal white color of the collection was combined in an effective way with contrasting inserts of turquoise or yellow, emphasizing at the same time the modernity of this collection. The collection includes a wide range of cabinets that will allow you to arrange the space the way you like.
    The furniture is made of high-quality furniture board. Handles are made of plastic. The boxes are provided with guide rollers. Mobi Furniture, designed for self-assembly, comes in packages with clear instructions and accessories. The warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase. Polish product.

  • Mega

    Сollection Mega

    The Mega collection is a proposal for a functional and elegant furniture wall for the living room. This furniture is available in two colors: a light fashionable oak Sonoma or a dark truffle oak. In addition to the glass shelves of the sideboards, additional LED lighting is installed, which emphasizes and gives a unique charm to thereflected objects in them. Handles are made of plastic. Furniture is delivered in packages for self-assembly. The kit contains clear installation instructions and accessories for furniture. 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. Polish product.

  • Monsun

    Monsun collection

    Monsun is a collection of furniture in a trendy, modern color for the living room. An additional advantage of this collection are sideboards with glass facades, in which there are glass shelves equipped with LED lighting, emphasizing the modern nature of this collection. The furniture was made of a high-quality furniture board, and the edges were trimmed with ABS veneer. Available in two color versions: white or black, combined with a Baltimore nut. Furniture is in packages for self-assembly, along with clear instructions and accessories in the package. 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. Polish product.

  • Morena

    Morena furniture

    Morena furniture collection is designed to arrange the bedroom, contains dressers, bed, wardrobe, bedside table and a mirror. The furniture is made of high quality laminated furniture board, available in two colors to choose from: white or black with the addition of baltimore nut. The whole is complemented by wide handles made of aluminum-colored plastic. Morena furniture designed for self-assembly - delivered in packs with assembly instructions and accessories. 24 months warranty from the date of purchase. Polish product.

  • Margo

    Collection Margo

    This is a modern collection of bedroom furniture with white or black decorative accessories, giving a completely original and unprecedented appearance. Collection Margo will arrange the bedroom, creating a bright, spacious and, above all, a unique and elegant interior. Furniture from this unusual collection is made of a high-quality laminated board in colors imitating the natural structure of wood. They blend perfectly with the light or dark colors of the walls. The collection includes a roomy and functional wardrobe, a large and comfortable bed and an indispensable bedside table. A large mirror to slightly revitalize the interior and visually increase it. Furniture Margo is sold in packages for self-assembly. The kit includes clear instructions and accessories. 24 months warranty. Polish product.

  • Poufs

    Meblar Puffs

    Puffs and armchairs are parts of each set for rest. It is good to sit in a comfortable chair or soft puff after a hard day at work and relax with a cup of your favorite coffee! In addition to comfort, puffs and armchairs bring a variety of functional and decorative advantages to the room. Modern soft puffs and chairs for rest - this and much more can be found in the Meblar offer!

    Puffs from Meblar – is a convenience.

    The collection includes puffs of various shapes and made of various materials:

       Soft puffs - depending on the color of the upholstery, fit different rooms, with a very strong upholstery, soft and easy to clean.

       eco-leather puffs - ecological leather at first glance is indistinguishable from genuine leather, and furniture made of it is distinguished by elegant appearance and timelessness.

  • Corner sofas, Sofas,...

    Meblar Corners and Sofas

    Corners and sofas are universal furniture for a living room, a children's or a youth room and even a bedroom where there is no place for a traditional bed. Functional corners and high-quality sofas, which additionally impress with the design and colors, can be found in the Meblar collection.

    The corner of the room is an extremely valuable place to use, especially in small rooms where every centimeter of space is important. One solution to this problem is the soft corners - extremely practical furniture, which is mainly used for sitting, and can also be transformed into a place for sleeping.

    Corner sofas Meblar - a special for you!

    In the Meblar assortment you will find corners and sofas of different size and designs, with many additions, in different styles and colors. Due to them the arrangement of a comfortable and practical interior will not be a problem!

     Soft corners and sofas - fabrics of which the corners of Meblar are made, are characterized by durability, aesthetics, easy to clean and pleasant to touch.

         Soft corners and eco-leather sofas are a symbol of elegance, fashionable and easy to care for.

    Soft corners and sofas - thanks to the folding function and the container for bed sheets, they turn into a comfortable place to sleep in a few moments, ideal furniture for small rooms, small bedrooms or a children's room.

        Corners, sofas, sofas with a headboard - the presence of a headrest additionally increases the comfort of rest, ensures the correct position of the head and neck.

    Corners and sofas from Meblar - functional and aesthetic

    Corners in the range of Meblar, are a combination of functionality, care for the quality of workmanship and aesthetic values. Depending on your needs, you can choose right or left furniture, as well as universal furniture, where the user decides on the location of the mobile side module. Meblar's corners and sofas are made of high-quality materials (upholstery, eco-leather, polyurethane foam, corrugated springs, Bonell springs), due to which they serve for many years!

    Moreover, the advantage of corners and sofas is the richness of styles and colors. From modern corners, preserved in shades of gray on chrome legs to upholstered furniture with pastel upholstery on wooden legs in retro style, as well as corners, sofas in contrasting colors with decorative pillows - the choice is really very big!

  • Armchairs

    Meblar Armchairs

    Puffs and armchairs are furniture primarily for the living room. Together with the sofa they create a comfortable and practical set of seats, ideal for family holidays or meetings with guests. Puffs and chairs also fit well in other rooms, especially in places where there is no space for a sofa or a traditional bed. A folding chair at night will turn into a comfortable place to sleep, and in the afternoon - with a puff - this is a resting place.

    Meblar chairs - convenience and functionality

    The offer includes chairs for various purposes and of various materials:

        soft chairs - depending on the color of the upholstery, correspond to different rooms, with the concern that the upholstery is very durable, pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.

        eco-leather armchairs - eco-leather at first glance is indistinguishable from genuine leather, and furniture made of it differs by elegant appearance and timelessness,

        folding chairs - due to the function of a folding and practical bed, they perfectly replace the bed, work well in children's rooms, studio apartments, as well as in living rooms that can be used as a place for sleeping.

        chairs for relaxation - in different styles, shapes and colors, the Meblar offer includes chairs with chrome legs, quilted chairs and flexible racks.

    Puffs and chairs - high quality

    Puffs and chairs Meblar are characterized not only by their unique functional and decorative qualities, but also by their concern for the quality of the workmanship. Solid upholstery, wooden and chrome elements, foam seats, with corrugated springs - all this means that they will serve for many years and provide daily comfort for all family members!

  • Wardrobes

    Meblar Wardrobes

    Meblar Wardrobes are a combination of exceptional quality and aesthetic values. This furniture is made of good quality materials that is laminated boards in the color of natural wood (dark or light), white, black or multicolored. Choose between classic wardrobes and furniture with additional drawers or lockers, ideal for storing laundry, towels or bed sheets. The range of Meblar includes traditional wardrobes and with sliding doors.

    Apartment without wardrobe? It's impossible!

    Strade Furniture wardrobes are furniture of various size, functions and design. Due to this you can easily find a closet that perfectly fits your needs!

        One-door wardrobes - small size but surprise with their capacity; a good solution for a youth room or one-room apartment.

        Two- and three-door wardrobes - usually a combination of two cameras with a hanger and in combination with drawers and shelves, are ideal for a bedroom.

        Large sliding door wardrobes - extremely functional and capacious, they are suitable for storing both personal and outer clothing. They can also be used as a wardrobe.

        Corner cabinets - this solution is designed for rooms where there is no place to insert a traditional wardrobe, allows you to equip the corner of the room.

        Cabinets with mezzanines - mezzanine in the form of additional cabinets and shelves - ideal solution in rooms where there is no storage space.

        Youth cabinets - are characterized by the presence of colored inserts, bring cheerfulness and good energy to the children's or youth room.

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Dimensions (WxHxD) 200x205x62 cm Dimensions (WxHxD) 200x205x62 cm

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Furniture Meblar

The range includes furniture systems providing comprehensive solutions for children’s or youths’ rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, wardrobes, offices and hotels. We also offer a wide selection of upholstered furniture: comfortable corner sofas, sofas and armchairs.

In creating  products, they make every effort to use technologies that guarantee durability and reliability of the furniture, and designs that ensure comfort and usability.

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