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Upholstered furniture to order


  • Corner sofas

    Modern corner sofas made to order

    Wanting to provide your home decor with originality and uniqueness, but also functionality, it is worth betting on custom corner sofas. This is a great option, to refresh the look of your living room, as well as guest room. Custom made corner sofas are your choice. You can choose from materials, shades, patterns, shapes and sizes. Modern corner sofas made to order give their users many options for practical use. On the one hand, they can serve as comfortable seats for several people, and on the other, they can be turned into comfortable and wide beds. Therefore, they are perfect for a guest room or children's rooms, where you need as much space as possible to play during the day. Moreover, we ensure that our custom made corner sofas are eye-catching and stunning with their innovative design.

    Build your own corner sofa

    Each of our clients is a separate individual with their own creativity and style. For this reason, we have made every effort to ensure that our custom made corner sofas are as varied as possible. If you prefer larger furniture, you may like SALVO I, ENZO I and OSKAR furniture collections. SALVO I are modern corner sofas made to order that express modesty and simplicity in their appearance. They have a seat with clearly separated individual seats and backrest and individual parts. Moreover, these modern corner sofas made to order are fully upholstered in premium solid coloured fabric, the colour of which you can choose from a huge range of colours. With such a large selection of shades, they will fit into many rooms. As for the ENZO I collection, you will find large, practical and elegant corner sofas made to order for a spacious interior. They are equipped with quick and easy folding mattresses, internal and practical bedding storage. Moreover, these custom made corner sofas have U-shape, cushions and two flat armrests. In this case, you can also choose from many colours, but this time more subdued. OSKAR sofas are a combination of cosiness and functionality. In their sturdy wooden construction, these modern custom sofas feature bedding storage. On top of that, the whole thing looks decorative through many ornamental elements. If you like our suggestions of custom made corner sofas then we invite you to check out our range.

  • Sofas, sofas bed

    Custom made sofas

    Small interiors often make it necessary to reach for innovative solutions, such as bespoke sofas. A smaller apartment often cannot accommodate many beds for this reason it is worth reaching for custom made sofas. Thanks to this solution, you will have the opportunity to adjust the size, shape or design of your dream furniture. Couches made to order will make your apartment visually look bigger. You can choose how many people you want your bespoke sofas to be and whether they should have reclining options or the opposite. Inconspicuous furniture, yet has such functional and practical options. Multiple sizes, easy to clean, comfortable and durable, natural leather or eco leather, or maybe a different material - you'll find it all in our designer sofas. Don't limit yourself to one style, experiment and you'll find what you're looking for!

    Couches made to order for apartments and houses

    The variety of houses as well as apartments is something normal as well as everyday since everyone has different tastes. For this reason, our bespoke sofas could not look the same, and in fact should have even more variety from colours, patterns to sizes and shapes. Our furniture collections feature just such a range of styles. If you are looking for modern versions of custom made sofas, the TEAM, MODERN and SWING series may appeal to you. Designer sofas from the TEAM furniture collection are an ideal solution for the youth room and living room. They are efficiently unfolded and have sleeping functions. In addition, the TEAM series custom made sofas feature an upholstered panel-back, two large regular-shaped back cushions and two elongated armrests. The whole is set on decorative, chrome legs. When it comes to their colour, you can choose from a range of colours, so you can easily match them to different rooms. The MODERN collection includes original, stunning and eye-catching custom-made sofas for people who like to choose bold and original additions to their interior design. This furniture has a solid construction and is made of high quality materials. In addition, the bespoke sofas from the MODERN series have a sleeping function, and their entirety is decoratively stitched and quilted, accented with chrome legs. The colour of the fabric adorning these designer sofas can be chosen from a mass of shades. The last of the awarded proposals,  SWING, is first of all solidity, class and surprising modern design. Custom made sofas in this series feature durable, sturdy wooden frames and soft flexible foam filling. Additionally, they have a sleeping function, so they are perfect for a guest room. If you are interested in our proposals for custom couches, we invite you to check our entire offer.

  • Armchairs

    Armchairs made to order

    One of the most customized pieces of furniture that are great for enhancing a home's decor are custom made armchairs. By betting on them, you can express yourself tremendously. How? By choosing for this luxury armchair, the material it will be made of, its shape, design and many other aspects. A armchairs made to order is a chance to let your imagination run wild and make it come true in the form of a piece of furniture. Moreover, apart from the good feel, it is guaranteed to be sturdy, decent and most importantly, will serve you for many years. Importantly, a bespoke armchair is much smaller than a sofa, and this means that it will fit into many parts of your home. An additional advantage is that you can choose the colour of your dream furniture from a huge range of colours and materials. This will make you able to match this luxurious armchair, to many rooms with different decor. Functional, unique, solid - a custom made armchairs.

    Luxury armchair in many interesting versions

    Different styles of apartments and houses, require different elements to beautify them. Old-fashioned decor, colourful or maybe modern? Find a bespoke armchair for every style in our furniture store. We move with the times, know the trends and try to base our furniture on them. If you are looking for larger, comfortable custom made armchairs, you may be interested in the ENZO, SOPRANO and FLOO furniture collections. Bespoke armchair from ENZO series is a striking and upholstered piece of furniture in a modern style. It has two flat cushions on the armrests, as well as decorative stitching. You can choose the fabric of this furniture from a wide selection of materials and colours. Armchairs made to order from the SOPRANO series are a class contained in a unique shape. Its character is emphasized by original sides of irregular oval shape and chrome legs. As with the furniture from the previous collection, you can choose the material from a really large range of colours. This makes it adaptable to many interiors. On the other hand, the bespoke armchair from the FLOO collection is a solid, accurate construction created from durable and natural wood. This furniture is maintained in modern design while being comfortable and convenient. A wide selection of colours when choosing its fabric allows you to let your imagination run wild. If you prefer more original shapes, the SWING series will not disappoint you. The luxury armchair from this series will look great in a boldly decorated apartment. The backrest in the shape of a semicircle makes the whole elegant and unique. Strong colours, from which you can choose the right one, show bold solutions, just right for those who are not afraid to express themselves. The proposals presented above are just the beginning of our entire range. For this reason, we invite you to browse the rest of our range of custom made armchairs.

  • Chairs, poufs

    Chairs made to order and bespoke pouffe

    Every home has different needs, but a place to sit is useful everywhere. If the furniture you want to furnish your home with is intended to be unique, put on the chairs made to order. They are perfect for the dining room, but also for the kitchen, giving it class and elegance. Moreover, they are characterized by their robustness and durability, which makes them serve you for years. On top of that, if you have a bit of space and you want to add some flair to your interior then a bespoke pouffe would be a great idea. With a great selection of designs, sizes and shapes, you're sure to find the piece of furniture that suits you best. A bespoke pouffe will fit into many small spaces, making choosing it over a large armchair a better idea. Moreover, bespoke dining chairs as well as bespoke poufs are created from the highest quality materials so that they can serve you, for as long as possible.


    Dining chairs made to order - styles

    Our furniture store, knows that it is difficult to match furniture to already furnished interior. Therefore, we decided to make it easier by creating furniture collections. They contain a variety of z so much, with many of them not being limited to one type of furniture, but several. When looking for bespoke dining chairs, you are also guided by the styles you want them to be in. For those who love wooden variants, we recommend the furniture collections Mars - savana 24 colour white, Saturn - 004, colour wenge and Torino (Cayenne or Carabu HP fabric). The Mars collection is a custom made chair that is also upholstered. The white colour found on the wooden elements, will perfectly fit into the family and cozy atmosphere. On the other hand, the beige colour perfectly emphasizes the whole giving it a classic look. The Saturn series of dining chairs made to order feature a gorgeous, elegant shade of black that is sure to catch the eyes of your guests. The contrast between the black and cream upholstered part makes the whole thing look very bold. Custom made chairs from this series, will work perfectly in modern and industrial interiors. The last mentioned collection, Torino, is a combination of massive modernity with classic elegance. The bespoke dining chairs in this collection feature elements of oiled golden oak. In addition, the upholstered sectional can be chosen from several fabrics and colours, making it easy to match different decor. However, if you prefer to buy a bespoke pouffe then we also have some suggestions. The bespoke pouffe from the Big Tosca collection is a long piece of furniture for its kind. It is upholstered in high quality fabric and presents itself with class and elegance. There is a choice of fabric with a wide range of patterns and colours. The ALIS bespoke pouffe is a more traditional solution. Classic shapes as well as subdued fabric offerings. Great for the living room of a large family where the sofa may not accommodate everyone. If you like our suggestions for chairs made to order and bespoke poufs, we invite you to check out our entire range.

Upholstered furniture to order

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When looking for a sofa or armchair for your living room, you are certainly driven by the fact that they should be as stylish, designer, and one of a kind as possible. Our furniture stores can help you with your purchase. Well, we are in the business of creating custom upholstered furniture. Some of this furniture is handmade, which makes it even more unique. Moreover, our range of upholstered furniture includes a variety of designs, colours as well as shapes. This makes it so that you don't have to limit yourself to one style, but choose from several different ones.

Furniture upholstery made to order

Our offer includes corner sofas, sofas, armchairs, upholstered chairs, poufs, sofas as well as convertible corner sofas. If comfort and convenience are important to you, this type of furniture will definitely appeal to you. What's more, our products are tied to different collections, making it easy for you to match a sofa to an armchair, for example. We also know how important functionality is, and for this reason, we have focused on it in our upholstered furniture. Often, we host overnight guests in our living room or guest room. Putting a bed in this type of room could disrupt the entire decor. With this problem in mind, we have created sofa beds and corner sofas of the same kind. Their advantages are comfort and the fact that by unfolding them, you can easily sleep on them. What more do you want? We invite you to purchase and enjoy the comfort and chic of our upholstered furniture.