• GMS Collection

    It has been 60 years since when produced the first piece of furniture. During this time GMS Furniture Group has become a world power in furniture . They are the undisputed leader in the furniture market not only in Europe but also worldwide.

    Furniture from Polish GMS is characterized by durability and aesthetics.

  • Collection MEB

    Furniture Meb

    The range includes furniture systems providing comprehensive solutions for children’s or youths’ rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, wardrobes, offices and hotels. We also offer a wide selection of upholstered furniture: comfortable corner sofas, sofas and armchairs.

    In creating  products, they make every effort to use technologies that guarantee durability and reliability of the furniture, and designs that ensure comfort and usability.

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    Furniture from Polish Meb is characterized by durability and aesthetics.

  • Collection Timoore


     TIMOORE furniture for children and youth

    is a new initiative to supply products which are safe, original and as exceptional as its prospective users are. Every day we prove that a creative combination of vivid colours, interesting details and unconventional construction solutions is the best way to create friendly and inspiring space in which your child will learn and play, and develop personality day by day.

    TIMOORE is a collection of exceptional furniture. It breaks with conventional and stereotyped interior decoration and suggests something different, extraordinary and awesome. Energizing colours, designed shapes and unique solutions make the TIMOORE furniture create friendly and inspiring environment – ideal for a young person who is in the process of shaping  personality. While designing furniture for children and youth, we put special attention not only to its outlook, but also to ergonomics and safety. In all our collections we apply high quality materials and reliable furniture accessories.

    Each TIMOORE product is verified at many levels of the production process: from early design phase, through working out technical documentation, to the very production stage. At each stage we check correctness of design assumptions, a piece of furniture construction, and finally, the ready-made product quality.  The TIMOORE brand has ambition to make new, non stereotypical and unrepeatable products each time.

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