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    Hallway mirror for flat

    A hallway is a transition room between other rooms in the house. It's where we can take one last look at ourselves in the mirror and check if we definitely look right. Because of its task, the room should have a hallway wall mirror, or one that stands on its structure. Remember that your hallway deserves suitably stylish furnishings, and our furniture store, knowledgeable about today's trends, can help you do just that. So if you buy a mirror to the hall in our company, you can be sure that it will be stylish, chic and aesthetic. As you know, however, it's not just style qualities that are important when buying a long hallway mirror. Well, our furniture store will provide you with quality, solidity, as well as decency of the furniture purchased in it.

    Hallway wall mirrors

    Every style is different and that's why the hallway mirrors in our range come in a variety of looks. All this to give you a chance to choose from a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and even colours. If you are looking for a hallway mirror, then you can be sure you will find them with us in different variants. If you prefer long long hallway mirrors, you may like these ones from the LOCARNO 80 and Velvet collections. The first proposal is golden oak combined with a clear sheet of glass. It is a piece of furniture in a horizontal form, having wooden elements on the top and bottom. As for the long hallway mirror from the Velvet collection, it is a piece of furniture made of rustic oak. It has a characteristic, horizontal, illuminated insert from solid wood inserted between the front elements. Do you prefer a smaller, hallway wall mirror? It's not a problem. Series such as Selene 21 as well as Mediolan 03 can offer you that. Each of these hallway wall mirrors feature a classic and simple look, which doesn't detract from their chicness. Selene 21 is a piece of furniture made of salome oak combined with a mirror panel. In this case, the mirror, is very versatile as it has no border. As for the Mediolan 03, on the other hand, it is created from artisan oak that has been oxidized, which gives it a grey hue. However, it only has this grey element on the top, so it also stands out for its versatility. If you like our selection of long hallway mirrors and hallway wall mirrors, take a look at our range.

  • Shelves

    Hallway shelves

    It would seem to be a rather trivial piece of furniture, but you couldn't be more wrong. Shelves fill virtually our entire home and have countless uses. For example, hallway storage shelves that add style and functionality to the room. Many other rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, and living room also benefit from their versatility. You may notice that despite paying little attention to this piece of furniture, it really has many uses. After all, a hallway shelf and mirror is a total must have. We also know how difficult it is to choose from hallway shelves ideas. Our furniture store, has series with different styles of products. This also applies to hallway shelves. So if you prefer more modern or vintage, you won't have to look long.

    Hallway Shelves ideas

    If you are looking for hallway shelves ideas then we come to help. In our assortment you will find them in many different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. If you prefer storage shelves for your hallway then it is definitely about the ones with plenty of space. Long and functional hallway shelves are those from the Lucca 09 collection, Desjo in a longer version, as well as LOCARNO 35. The first proposal is created from white matte and is extremely functional. Not only does it have a shelf, but it also has hangers for outside clothing, so it's the perfect for hallway storage shelves. On the other hand, Desjo is a collection created for those who desire simple but unique solutions. Made of sanremo oak, the hallway shelf fits perfectly into today's trends with its unusual design. LOCARNO 35 will win your heart with its extraordinary features. If your hallway shelves ideas included backlighting, you've come to the right place. This piece of furniture is not only illuminated, but also presents its colour, which is golden oak, with class. If your hallway is small and you need a hallway shelf and mirror, why not buy them as one piece of furniture? The Grenada 35 series shelf includes a mirror, which is perfect for smaller spaces. It is created from cherry lacquered alder, which will present itself nicely in old-fashioned interiors. If you like our hallway shelves ideas, feel free to browse further.

  • Wardrobes

    Hallway wardrobes

    The hall closet has a multitude of important functions, although we do not always pay attention to it. It can be used as a place to store shoes, outerwear, or even as a storage compartment for items not needed on a daily basis. The hall wardrobe for coats and shoes should be functional, but also tasteful, as it is what your guests and you will see when entering your home. Our furniture store, realizes that it can be difficult to choose the right piece of furniture to match the overall decor of a room. For this reason, our assortment includes furniture collections in a variety of styles. This will make it easier for you to choose matching furniture. It's worth mentioning that you'll find our hallway wardrobes in many sizes, shapes and designs, which means you can go wild! A Hall wardrobe for coats and shoes doesn't have to be a boring part of the room. Make it a variety of the interior.

    Hall wardrobe in many interesting styles

    You have probably been faced with the choice of whether to buy a functional or stylish piece of furniture. You don't have to choose anymore! Our furniture store, has created hallway wardrobes that combine both. If you are looking for a slim hallway wardrobe, you may certainly like this one from the OPTIMO OP5 collection. Its width is only half a meter, so even in the smallest room you will be able to place it. It is created from shades of sanemo oak or truffle oak, depending on your choice. It has as many as 4 shelves, so it is able to hold a lot. This is a perfect example of a slim hallway wardrobe that is additionally functional. However, if you are looking for much larger hallway wardrobes, these are the ones from the Wenecja, OTIS OT and Vievien furniture series. The first item is a perfect combination of white with sonoma oak. The lack of handles of this hall wardrobe gives it a modern and minimalist look. It's a really big piece of furniture. When it comes to the hall wardrobe for coats and shoes from the OTIS OT series, this is a really functional piece of furniture. It has a bookcase, a cabinet with shelves and drawers in it. You can keep ornaments, clothes and much more in it. The whole is emphasized by the possibility of choosing the shade of sonoma oak or truffle oak. The last of these items will certainly appeal to lovers of old-fashioned solutions. The Vievien series hall closet will look wonderful with its combination of cognac stained oak, matte black and frosted glass. It is the defining classic of colour contrast. As you can see, there is a different style, pattern and size for every customer. If you like the suggestions of hall wardrobe for coats and shoes, we invite you to further browse our offer.

Hallway furniture

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Undoubtedly, the first good impression of your home will leave a fully organized hall. The hall cabinets we offer are functional and well-thought-out, with shelves for shoes, hangers for clothes. Such a piece of furniture will provide you with a stylish and delightful solution for keeping order. Hallway wardrobes are a useful piece of furniture in maintaining order. You can store there outerwear and thanks to the spacious drawers you can arrange many pairs of shoes. Also, the mirrors on the furniture door will visually enlarge a narrow room. We have a wide range of furniture in rich colours and various schemes for shelves and drawers, massive wall hangers, stable free-standing hangers and cabinets complete with hangers. In addition, we offer classic wooden or modern matte hangers and a variety of decorations and finishes. Using our extensive furniture catalogue, you can easily arrange your home in the style you want, ensuring many years of luxury.

You will never have the second chance to make the first impression! Discover our hallway furniture and storage so that your hallway keeps its welcoming character and class. Find mirrorsshelves and wardrobes.

Furniture for the hallway

The hallway is often a forgotten room, which is quite an injustice. It is most often the first sight of guests crossing the threshold of our home. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the furniture to the anteroom presented nicely, aesthetically and impeccably. What's more, it's good to be aware of how to furnish this - usually - small room. We offer you will find primarily mirrors, shelves and cabinets adapted to this type of space among the hallway furniture. You will find mirrors in our assortment in various sizes and shades and with or without frames. Collections such as LOCARNO, Desjo or Velvet has designed for customers who are wood lovers. On the other hand, those from the Mediolan and Selene series do not have any border around the mirror. And when it comes to shelves, you can go classic with the Harmony collection or go a little crazy with the MOSAIC hanging shelf, which is decorated in the form of mosaics. However, if you prefer simplicity, Dover shelves will be your best option here. The issue of the hall closet is very important. This is where we will store shoes as well as clothes meant for the outdoors. In this case, collections can be suggested, as in the case of shelves, because an essential element of decor is that everything fits well. By focusing more attention on your hallway decor, you won't regret it. You will feel comfort and peace, and your guests will be delighted with your interior from the moment they cross the threshold of your home.