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Small interiors often force us to reach for innovative solutions, such as custom-made sofa beds. In a smaller flat there is often not enough room for many beds, for this reason it is worth reaching for a custom-made sofa bed. They do not take up much space, and their functionality is often irreplaceable.

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Custom-made sofas

Small interiors often make it necessary to reach for innovative solutions, such as bespoke sofas. A smaller flat often cannot accommodate many beds, for this reason it is worth reaching for custom-made sofas. Thanks to this solution, you will have the opportunity to adjust the size, shape or design of your dream furniture. Sofa beds made to order will make your flat visually look bigger. You can choose how many people you want your bespoke sofas to be, and whether they should have reclining options or the opposite. Inconspicuous furniture, yet has such functional and practical options. Multiple sizes, easy to clean, comfortable and durable, natural leather or eco leather, or maybe a different material - you'll find it all in our designer sofas. Don't limit yourself to one style, experiment, and you'll find what you're looking for!

Couches made to order for flats and houses

The variety of houses as well as flats is something normal as well as every day, since everyone has different tastes. For this reason, our bespoke sofas could not look the same, and in fact should have even more variety from colours, patterns to sizes and shapes. Our furniture collections feature just such a range of styles. If you are looking for modern versions of custom-made sofas, the TEAM, MODERN and SWING series may appeal to you. Designer sofas from the TEAM furniture collection are an ideal solution for the youth room and living room. They are efficiently unfolded and have sleeping functions. In addition, the TEAM series custom-made sofas feature a