Corner sofas

Custom-made corner sofas are your choice. You can choose from materials, shades, patterns, shapes and sizes. Modern corner sofas made to order give their users many options for practical use. On the one hand, they can serve as comfortable seats for several people, and on the other, they can be turned into comfortable and wide beds.

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LIVIA Corner gr.extra LIVIA Corner gr.extra
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LIVIA Corner gr.extra


Construction of corner settee is made from tough and durable, natural wood and the filling consists of soft wavy springs and elastic polyurethane foam. Corner Livia is equipped with a practical place to store bedding. The corner is modest and modern design highlights the great uniform.


LINK II Corner gr.extra LINK II Corner gr.extra
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LINK II Corner gr.extra


Furniture has a practical function of sleep. The surface to sleep is easily, quickly and safely opened. The corner has a frame made of a natural, lasting and durable timber and the fill is made of flexible and convenient corrugated springs.