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  • Desks

    Solid desks and tables for your office

    You will find classic tables, modern tables, colored tables or solid color tables depending on your requirement. Your desk should look good, be comfortable, convenient and practical. Importantly, the right desk will propel your creativity into action. Home office or not is a place where you spend a lot of time. Whether it's an office or a room in your home, the right decor and furniture choices will make your work more efficient. Strade furniture such as tables, bookcases, cabinets, drawers, sideboards and shelves will allow you to create a practical, modern or classic office. Create a space that inspires you to work more efficiently and opens you up to new ideas. The table is a functional piece of furniture equipped with a table top, drawers and additionally can accommodate containers. In our offer you will find useful and ergonomic tables for work or study, which will find their place in various interiors an office. We offer, above all, office tables, work tables, computer tables of modern or classic design.

    Office tables and desks adapted to your needs

    A table is also an indispensable piece of office equipment. It is known that its size, shape of the table and also its purpose depend on our needs and requirements. This type of furniture is a place to meet with clients, so it must look impeccable. We see this furniture in the office, and many of us have this type of furniture in our home. Why? The table is our work and study area, which is usually installed in a quiet area of the house or apartment and isolated from everything around us while we try to focus on what we need to do. Many proposals can be found in the assortment of our store Strade Furniture - here everyone will find something for himself. Tables for the office or home office are essential furniture that affect the efficiency of our work and the fact that we can stay in it in appropriate and favorable conditions. The office table should be larger, because on its surface we need to place not only a computer or a laptop, but also the necessary documents. It is also worth considering that for placing all the documentation and other items in our work, when choosing a table for our office, we should pay attention to a table with drawers or additional containers. This will ensure that all documents are available and within reach and we avoid confusion. For a classically furnished office, the desk from the Omega collection is perfect. It is found in a color variant, a combination of graphite and amber oak. It is a very minimalist office piece of furniture that contains no drawers or cabinets. However, if you prefer a solution that incorporates these elements, this desk from the Velvet collection will win your heart. It is a massive, solid piece of furniture containing three drawers, a shelf and a cupboard. Great for storing important items and documents. You can choose the color of the Velvet desk from rustical and black oak. The desk will perfectly fit into old-fashioned offices. If you are interested in our range of office desks, we invite you to check out the rest of our range in this category.

  • Bookcases

    Office bookcases for storing books and documents

    The library is an integral part of any office. A well-decorated office space is characterized by the fact that there is room for everything, so we can talk about harmony and order. Also, the more order there is around, the more efficient the work that is done. Some of the most commonly used furniture for this purpose are bookcases and book racks, in addition, shelves, cabinets and tables. Why? Well, book racks are one of the simplest yet most necessary pieces of furniture that can be found not only in an office or home office. Although usually the bookcase is characterized by a simple design, this does not mean that the furniture will not attract attention with its shape. You will see this by looking at Strade Furniture's range of furniture. In our furniture shop you will find classic bookcases, which perfectly fulfill their role in the office, as well as those of modern, non-standard shapes and colors. These will provide adequate storage for books and folders. We invite all our customers to get acquainted with our rich assortment of bookcases and shelves, which allow you to arrange your office or study space in an unusual way and give it an appropriate look and functionality.

    Bookcases and book stands for your office

    Each piece of furniture, put up for sale in our online store, was made with our customers in mind and to serve them as long as possible. The furniture is made of high quality materials and thoroughly checked in the production process. We sell whole sets of office furniture as well as single elements. This makes it easy to create the right set of office furniture. High quality bookcases, bookcases and cabinets should be found in every office, where they take care of its high functionality and harmony of the interior. Of course, many of these office supplies can be used in your own home. These and other types of furniture can be found in our shop. For contrasting offices, the bookcase from the Vievien collection is perfect. This furniture, was created with solid oak color stained cognac and modern laminate in black matte. Great for offices and offices with a dark finish. It has as many as three large shelves and one cabinet, which guarantees plenty of space for your books and documents. For fans of classic solutions, we have prepared an office bookcase from Dover collection. This furniture has as many as four shelves and three drawers, so it is perfect for a study. The primavera cherry color breaks its simplicity giving the bookcase character and elegance. This book rack was created for the individualist who appreciates simple options. If you are interested in more of our office shelving offers, we welcome you and wish you a successful shopping experience.

  • Shelves

    Shelves for the office and home office

    Each of us appreciates practical solutions, especially in interior design. Sometimes, by assembling one piece of furniture, we manage not only to use the free space, but also to gain a place to store various things. Wall shelves can also play this role. Classic or modern, they don't just serve as storage, but also as decoration. For this reason, they should be solid and elegant at the same time. Welcome to our furniture store, where you can choose from a wide variety of wall shelf styles and colors. They are undoubtedly decorative and provide us with extra space that we can manage. The shelves may have different shapes, thanks to which they will perfectly present themselves being an element of arrangement of different rooms in our house or office. The hanging shelf can be used to store books, folders, decorative trinkets and many other items used in the office. The wide range of applications makes wall shelves increasingly popular. This furniture makes our walls not empty and we can keep all the various ornaments in one place.

    Shelves in many different style 

    Wooden bookshelves from our furniture store, thanks to their original shape and careful processing will become an attractive decoration of any interior. Those hanging on a wall or mezzanine are most often associated with storing books or folders. However, this furniture has many more possibilities and applications. For example, the office hanging shelves available in the Strade Furniture range can be used to set up various ornaments, scented candles, figurines, collectibles and other items from your collection. We can put photos of friends and loved ones on them, as well as photos of places, which will be the decoration of the interior, and at the same time a nice souvenir reminding us of people or places. Moreover, they are also a good place to put plants. If you place them in suitable pots and place them on a beautiful wooden shelf, you will bring a gentle touch of nature into your interior. If your book collection is not very large, bet on hanging shelves. In the opposite case, that is when there are a lot of books, folders and binders, we should choose traditional bookcases. Wall shelves and mezzanines can be used in both old-fashioned and modern offices - just choose the right model. Our store's assortment includes a variety of wall shelves and mezzanines that can easily fit into different decor styles. We invite you to take a look at our offer!

  • Cabinets


    No matter what your storage requirements are, regardless your office size, we have it all for you. There is no office without file cabinets out there.

  • Wardrobes

    Office wardrobes

    Choosing a proper wardrobe is not an easy task. To find a suitable model that will meet our needs, we must first of all focus on its usability and the size of the room in which we want to install it. Therefore, before buying it is worth considering many aspects related, among other things, to how many people will use the wardrobe? Will there be only clothes in it? In the end, will they contain, for example, folders and other items needed in the office? It is also important to have an accessible space in which the cabinet will be installed. It can be installed in a corner of the room or next to one of the walls.

    Office cabinets

    This is an important parameter that allows you to find the perfect wardrobe for the space that we have. Often, when there is not enough space in the office, corner cabinets are the right solution. That's why it's so important to identify these customers needs. Since we will already know all the answers to the above-mentioned problems, we can start searching for the desired product. In addition to the fact that the wardrobe should be practical and perform the intended functions, it must also look good and harmonize with the rest of the furniture in the entire office.

    Wardrobe with sliding doors

    The furniture store Strade offers cabinets that take into account the individual needs of customers. Customers can determine what kind of cabinets they need, how many boxes, hangers and cabinets. We offer two-door wardrobes, which will be suitable furniture for use in small rooms, as well as three-door wardrobes for large rooms. It should be noted the installation of a mirror cabinet, which optically expands a small office or office space. An important issue is also the way to open a wardrobe. In small rooms, the wardrobe with sliding doors is the best.
    To summarize, cabinets are undoubtedly one of the most important and necessary pieces of furniture in every room. Therefore, when arranging an office, it is worth combining the wardrobe with the rest of the office furniture so that together they form a single whole.

    In the Strade assortment there are also other office furniture: cabinets, containers, shelves, bookshelves, tables, etc., Which will surely fit the chosen wardrobe. Our products, offered within the Strade range, are extremely carefully made of very good materials. Our range of products is functional, aesthetic and diverse furniture, from which each buyer can choose the proper type of furniture.

  • Display units

    Display units

    Display units are not only for your presentation, but mainly they increase your storage space. Everybody who walks to your office, will notice them - hence choose the one that fits your style.

  • Chairs, Armchairs

    Chairs, Armchairs

    Welcome your guests on super comfortable and nicely designed office armchairs or chairs from our collection.

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