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    Corners - furniture for home or office

    Modern Corners - their shape

    The first thing that we should pay attention to when selecting corners is their shape. The shape of the corners can be very different from the geometric forms and classical streamlined shapes. Due to this every client will find a suitable corner. Corners DIV are left-handed, right-handed and symmetrical. For those who prefer classical forms, there will also be quilted soft corners. The streamlined backrests and seats will lose their unprocessed decor and will make the living room thinner.

    Are there corners only for large interiors?

    Corners are large furniture, and it is much easier to choose it for a large area. Large models will not occupy most of the space. Among the furniture DIV you can find brown and gray colors - corners in modern style and classic models that are between tradition and modernity. This is a simple furniture that can be easily adapted to furniture in different styles. Soft corners are not always big furniture for large rooms. The DIV offer includes models of a much smaller size that are comparable to the size of a classic sofa. Such models are good for small rooms. Of course, they do not take up much space and give the user a feeling of comfort and functionality of furniture.

    Corners not only for the living room

    The corner can be installed not only in the living room, its use is much wider. Folding corners well suited both in the bedroom and in the guest room. The size of the furniture must be adapted to the size of the room. If we want to equip the teenager's bedroom, we will also find the corners for the youth room. The best choice is those that are on high legs, in a modern shape and an interesting contrast color. Corners will make the room modern and functional. Corners are practical and functional furniture. They can provide you with rest for the whole day, as well as a calm, comfortable sleep.

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  • Couches DIV

    Folding sofa - comfortable and practical

    Although the style and appearance of the room is the first thing we pay attention to, often the functionality is the most important. The sofa combines both. You can lie down or sit in the afternoon on a folded couch or unfold it and turn it into a comfortable bed. You also do not need to worry about an extra storage for bedding, as most modern sofas include storage space. A modern sofa bed fits well in the youth room. This furniture saves space that teens can use for work or entertainment.

    Soft upholstery - modern trends

    Sofas DIV easily fit into different rooms. A simple soft sofa with a classic shape fits both the bedroom and the living room. This is a practical model and does not complicate the choice of other furniture. For those who like brave decisions, there are sofas with modern shapes and contrasting colors. A modern red sofa is ideal for a youth room. Its intense color will greatly revitalize the teen's bedroom. The sofa in the subdued color will fit into the room with a warm, calmer color. Among modern sofas, sofa beds for living rooms that look like a small sofa. Please note that soft sofas with armrests will look more impressive than those that do not have them.

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  • Sofas, sofa beds DIV

    Custom-made sofas DIV

    When choosing sofas for the living room, bedroom or youth room, it's hard to forget about the right design. Charming, modern or traditional furniture will undoubtedly make the room more attractive. A remarkable sofa is an important element of the room's furnishings, giving a style to the room. If you care about unusual combinations, put on a piece of furniture in a contrasting color of upholstery or a completely different style - let it be an unusual element that will highlight the place in the whole stylization. In terms of solutions, it is extremely important to finish the furniture - patterned elements, cushions in contrasting colors, decorative handles or a contrasting headrest that gives the whole style. This makes the piece of furniture unique, effectively fulfilling the functions entrusted to it and constantly delighting the guests. For people who value harmony and calm stylizations, we recommend a sofa with armchairs and poufs - this is upholstered furniture which is a tasteful and practical set, great for a living room or office. You will find such sets for both smaller and larger rooms. It's up to you what you choose - but remember about the details!

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Diverso collection

We make custom furniture. You can choose the color of the upholstery as well as additional pillows.

As an experienced furniture manufacturer, we offer you the perfect solution for so-called "unremarkable" or small interiors. These can be furniture from our collection if the construction fits.

The details of the changes are determined specifically to the model you choose via e-mail directly with the seller.