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Our furniture is an initiative whose aim is to provide furniture that is safe, original and as unique as its future users are. You can choose furniture for children in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes. All this so that every child can find something original for themselves.

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Sofa CALLin


The CALLin sofa is a beautiful piece of furniture for a child\'s room. Trimmed with sofa\'s functional material can easily clean with water, and modern design will satisfy every parent and child.

Regal - ladder


Regal-ladder is a universal and practical piece of furniture that can be used not only for a child\'s room. It will be able to be used as a stand for flowers, books, etc.

A double bed


It is suitable for an only child\'s room, but also for siblings. By easily putting together the top, you gain additional sleeping space. The beds do not have to stand next to each other because each of them is a fully independent piece of furniture.



A simple, minimalist desk that perfectly fits the latest Scandinavian trends, will fulfill its task in a young user\'s room and will be a perfectly simple solution for your home office.


If you haven't found the right furniture or if you need fast delivery, we invite you to check out the offer of our second store,

Youth and children's furniture

Only those who have already been engaged in the decoration of a children's or youth room, can recognize problems that it causes. Young people are often not always satisfied, they usually have their opinions. It is difficult to impose your idea of ​​providing a room where they spend most of their time after returning from school. To meet the expectations of both parents who dream of a practical and functional room for their children, as well as adolescents who in their ideas of the organization are guided by modern trends and solutions, we have prepared furniture collections that can meet the expectations of each young user.

The young user's room should, above all, be aesthetic and practical. His room is often small, and it must be organized functionally. Adults usually have much more space at their disposal, such as a living room, bedroom, dressing room and other rooms for various purposes. A room for children or young people should include all these functions in one small room. This is a problem for designers and furniture manufacturers, but nothing is impossible! Thanks to our range of Strade furniture and interesting solutions, even in a small space you can place all the necessary furniture and items of your children. Special attention should be given to such collections for children and adolescents as: Timoore furniture, Absynth, Szynaka and Meblar collection, characterized by simplicity and functionality.

Nursery furniture

Our little customers are quite often capricious when it comes to changing the décor of a room. For this reason, we have done our best to make our children's room furniture as functional as possible, but also to satisfy even the most demanding kids. Our range of nursery furniture includes baby cots, bunk beds, kids desks, kids chairs and much more. Children's and youth furniture is available in different collections for several age groups. For newborns and children a few months old we designed CLARISS, ELLE and FIRST collections. The last one is designed for parents sharing a bedroom with a toddler. You can find a crib, nursery furniture, as well as a double bed. The other two contain only children's furniture, with no accessories for parents. Furniture from the Simple, BEEP and PLUS series is reserved for children of several years old. These collections include children's chairs, desks, children's beds, bunk beds, bookcases and much more. All preserved in multicoloured colours, as well as in a variety of shapes. Youth furniture can be found in the CLICK, ELLE SPECIAL and FRAME series. Their look is modern, and their use is functional, which is sure to appeal to the teenager. Our general range of children's furniture includes wardrobes, chests of drawers, bookcases, desks, kids chairs, beds, shelves and quite a few other products. Check out our range of nursery furniture and fill your child's room with convenience, functionality and comfort.