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Kids' furniture


  • Bookcases, Display units

    Bookcases, shelves, sideboards for children and teenagers

    Racks, bookcases and sideboards for youth rooms are a big problem for furniture manufacturers. They can not take up too much space for a child or teenager to have enough space to play and study, and at the same time they must contain as much our children`s treasure as possible. You can store books, CDs and even audio equipment in them - due to this, the child or teenager will have all the most important things. Strade Furniture offers many products from the category of bookshelves for a children's room and a teenager. They are also functional, original and elegant.

     In the interior of kids room should be a character and style that reflects the temperament of a child or teenager and it must reflect childrens interests so that they like to be in their small kingdom and more willingly prepare homework, play with friends and rest. That's why our furniture has an unusual design that will please every child and every teenager. Youth bookshelves are made of a furniture board or solid wood enriched with colorful accessories, so that the interior of the room can be changed depending on the preferences of the child or teenager. It is also worth noting that the furniture was made of high quality materials.

    The bookshelves and sideboards are available in various sizes, and this ensures that every young user will find a product that will perfectly meet his expectations. Our models are designed for fans of simple and more complex solutions. Some furniture amazes with its original shapes, such as furniture from the collection of Timoore or Szynaka. Another notable collection is MEBlAR, which, despite its simple appearance, is extremely practical. In addition, the colorful shades of furniture will revive any interior. Bookshelves, bookcases, in our children's rooms can have drawers or shelves with doors.

  • Desks, tables

    Tables, coffee tables, tables for children and youth

    Remember to supply the child with comfortable conditions for study and create an ideal room for children or young people with our furniture.


    The child does a lot of things in the room. In these rooms, teenagers sleep, play, do homework, meet with friends. They spend most of their time in their rooms, so before you consider the children's room, you need to think about it. One of the most important details of furniture is the writing tables and small children's tables. At them, our children will do their homework, read books, use computers, and engage in many other activities. Therefore, youth tables should not only be pleasant, but also practical and functional. It is worth paying attention to how much space they occupy and how many boxes and shelves are needed in the children's or teenage room, they have.

    Youth coffee tables and children's tables for young people

    Youth and children's tables offered by Strade Furniture certainly meet the requirements of every parent, teenager or child. We offer you classic wooden tables that are ideal for any room, as well as for modern tables in many colors. In addition, it is also worth remembering that in our room for a young man we need rotating chairs, on which our children will sit. Choosing a table, it is necessary to remember first of all about ergonomics and choosing a model that will not badly affect the spine of a young man. In our offer you will find children's and youth cabinets, toy boxes and other useful furniture for a children's and a teenager`s room. These include children's coffee tables and children's tables. This furniture, depending on necessity, should not be missing in the room of the young user.

  • Chest of drawers,...

    Wardrobes for children and youth room

    For the youngest, for those who are slightly older and for teenagers - all products in this category are very practical and functional, and at the same time modern and simply pleasant.

    The children's room should be colorful, to awaken in the mind of the child the desire to learn, play and study.

    Nevertheless, the room of a teenager is a space that must additionally represent the individual and unique character of the young user. Young people like to draw attention to themselves in many ways - one of them is the decor of their own room. Young people are fond of modern trends and, as a rule, do not listen to parents' advice. Especially for our young users we have created furniture that will meet their needs. We offer sideboards, cabinets, bookcases, bedside tables and wardrobes that perfectly match other accessories and equipment in the room for teens.

    Girls usually prefer bright furniture, which combines colorful accessories and a lot of decorative elements. Boys prefer colors such as black, blue, brown and various shades of gray. Youth rooms are their place where they can be themselves, devoting themselves to their hobbies, interests and learning. Teenagers follow fashion trends and prefer unusual and unique things.

    However, we must not forget that furniture in the children's room should not only be visually pleasing, but also functional. They are designed not only to serve pleasure and entertainment, but also to be a suitable place for training and other duties. Here our children spend most of their time, they can sleep, do homework, play games and meet friends and colleagues. Their rooms should be multifunctional. Children's and youth rooms are a combination of living room, bedroom, classroom, and wardrobe, so the furniture in their rooms must satisfy many needs of the young user. In such an interior should be like cabinets, shelves, bedside cabinets, and lockers for storing all items of our children, such as clothes, books, toys, games and much more.

    To meet the needs of our young future users, we offer specialized and functional lockers, cabinets and shelves that are made of durable materials, taking into account modern trends in furniture production. The collection of furniture Strade includes many body designs for a children's and a teenager`s room in many colors.


  • Chairs, Armchairs,...

    Chairs, armchairs, poufs for children and youth rooms

    This collection contains practical and at the same time comfortable chairs, armchairs and poufs for the young user's room.

    Chairs, armchairs for children and teenagers

    Spending a lot of time at the table on a poorly adjusted chair or armchair can lead to back pain. Therefore, the ideal chair should be as comfortable as possible. Designers receive it through appropriate profiling and regulation. We must pay special attention to the backrest, which should reach at least the height of the shoulders of the young user, the corresponding armrests, as well as a special bulge in the lumbar region of the spine. The turning chairs, which are available in the Strade Furniture range, have been designed to give the youngest maximum comfort.

    Turning chairs for children and teenagers

    We have prepared products that have a unique appearance, design and high-quality materials of which they were made. Thanks to such chairs and armchairs, sitting in front of the computer, for example, will not only be comfortable, but also healthy. All our models of armchairs and poufs were designed and manufactured taking into account the principles of ergonomics, which means that a young man can successfully use them for hours. Some of the turning seats from our Strade Furniture range are also equipped with self-locking wheels, which greatly improves the safety of children and adolescents. We offer a wide range of products, where even the most demanding customers will find something for themselves.

    Puffs for children and teenagers

    In our offer there are children's puffs, in which there are interesting, fabulous fairy tale upholstery motifs designed for both girls and boys. We also have single-color puffs that can easily be adapted to other furniture in the room.

    Office chairs for teens

    For teens we also recommend elegant and comfortable office chairs made of genuine leather. Strade Furniture also offers other necessary furniture for children and teenagers. For example, a youth table that, together with a turning chair, will create an ideal set where the homework will be pleasant, and the level of development of our children will grow.

  • Beds and Sofas

    Beds, Corners, Couches, Sofas

    Children are full of energy, but sometimes they also need to rest. Give your child a comfortable rest on a comfortable bed, couch or corner

    Beds for children and teenagers

    The beds are necessary furniture in the children's and teenage room. They allow you to sleep and rest, to acquire the energy necessary for the training and daily play of your children. Beds are an alternative to sofas and corners, which you will also find in our offer. In our furniture store Strade we have many models, and our beds with or without a mattress are functional and elegant at the same time. They have an exceptional appearance. Youth and children's beds can be made of laminated or solid board, which makes them very durable. Bedroom furniture has a different shape: classical or modern, so you are sure to find a model that will meet your expectations. Our beds vary in size from small baby beds to large beds for teens. Most beds are equipped with bedding containers and an extra sleeping area. Thanks to this, they work very well in the teen's room. Bunk beds are also noteworthy, which we have a great choice. However, with us you can easily equip a children's and youth room, creating a cozy sleeping place for young users.

    Corners, sofas and couches for children and teenagers

    In Strade Furniture we also offer sofas, couches and sofa beds for young people, as well as many other pieces of furniture that will allow you to provide a young person's room according to your idea or you can use ready-made furniture sets. You can also be sure that many of our interesting furniture offers are suitable for any interior of the youth and children's room. When there is no space, the ideal solution is the sofas, sofa beds or corners in the youth rooms. Regardless of whether you decide on a bed with a mattress, sofa or corner, your child can sleep well and regain strength. To change the interior of the room, sometimes one interesting piece of furniture is enough, so choose a style that fits perfectly in your child's room. Our salesmen will help you choose a youth bed, a youth sofa or a cot for your children. Your child will enjoy this furniture, and you will sleep peacefully, knowing that he is happy, rested and full of energy for new tasks.

    If you want to equip a teenager's bedroom, we also offer a corner for a youth room on high legs, with a modern design and an interesting contrasting color.

    We are very pleased to invite you to familiarize yourself with our furniture catalog.

  • Shelves, Extensions

    Shelves, tops for children's and youth rooms

    Shelves in the children's room - there are never too many of them. In addition, in this category you will find accessories and extensions.

    Hanging shelves or extensions are a practical piece of furniture in children's and youth rooms. Thanks to them, we do not occupy space on the floor, and we get a place where young people can store various useful things, including toys or books. Shelves that we recommend are made of very good materials, with attention to details.

    Our offer of furniture and accessories.

    We offer products in many sizes and shapes, which will harmonize well with interiors in every style.
    For lovers of classic and simple designs, we offer functional and very practical shelves from our classic and universal collections. They will perfectly fit both girls 'and boys' room. In our Strade Furniture store you can also find shelves with a modern look and a universal shape. These are models with an original and attractive appearance which will certainly meet the approval of young people. All products are solidly made and durable, which means that every day many customers decide to buy them. You may also join them!

  • Cabinets

    Chests of drawers, wardrobes for children and youth

    Practical and charming products in this category were created for the smallest users. A wide selection of colors and styles will help you to choose the proper furniture for your child.


    It's quite pleasant to arrange a house or an apartment. However, there are times when we can be nervous and have problems with how to dispose the space of the room. Most of the problems, however, are related to the design and layout of the room for children and young people. First of all, because young people are very demanding. Their room should always be a "top class", created in accordance with modern design. In addition, it must be unique and stand out among others. Ideally, this reflects the nature and interests of the young user. It must also be functional, because it will combine many different rooms: a living room, a bedroom, a dressing room, etc.

    Undoubtedly, in our room our young people will spend most of their time. In this room, they will do their homework every day, play on the computer, have fun, meet friends and colleagues and sleep. We need to think about how to create the ideal room for a young man. An important element of each well-designed room are cabinets and chests of drawers. Strade Furniture offers interesting and practical solutions, thanks to which the youth cabinets and chests do not take up much space and at the same time they contain a lot of necessary things.

    We offer single-door, two-door and three-door wardrobes, as well as corner cabinets in different colors. We have furniture of classical and universal design, corresponding to any type of interior, as well as modern cabinets. Our cabinets for young people are made of the finest materials, with attention to details. The advantages are the simplicity of opening and the equipment with practical shelves and hangers, thanks to which the young user can store many things.

    Kid`s and youth dressers

    A perfect addition to the children's and youth room will be the chests of drawers, which will accommodate all necessary things, as well as bedside tables, so that children have items such as bedside lamp or alarm clock, "at hand." All the above furniture for the children's or youth room equipment will harmonize with each other and will allow us to organize a fashionable and functional room for our child. Tables, children's benches, coffee tables - very useful furniture in the room of a young man. They should not only be pleasant, but also practical.

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of stradexl furniture and accessories. Want to know more, click on this link
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Youth and children's furniture

is an initiative aimed to provide safe, original and unique furniture, like its future users.

Only those who have already been engaged in the decoration of a children's or youth room, can recognize problems that it causes. Young people are often not always satisfied, they usually have their opinions. It is difficult to impose your idea of ​​providing a room where they spend most of their time after returning from school. To meet the expectations of both parents who dream of a practical and functional room for their children, as well as adolescents who in their ideas of the organization are guided by modern trends and solutions, we have prepared furniture collections that can meet the expectations of each young user.

The young user's room should, above all, be aesthetic and practical. His room is often small, and it must be organized functionally. Adults usually have much more space at their disposal, such as a living room, bedroom, dressing room and other rooms for various purposes. A room for children or young people should include all these functions in one small room. This is a problem for designers and furniture manufacturers, but nothing is impossible! Thanks to our range of Strade furniture and interesting solutions, even in a small space you can place all the necessary furniture and items of your children. Special attention should be given to such collections for children and adolescents as: Timoore furniture, Absynth, Szynaka and Meblar collection, characterized by simplicity and functionality.

Nursery furniture

Our little customers are quite often capricious when it comes to changing the décor of a room. For this reason, we have done our best to make our children's room furniture as functional as possible, but also to satisfy even the most demanding kids. Our range of nursery furniture includes baby cots, bunk beds, kids desks, kids chairs and much more. Children's and youth furniture is available in different collections for several age groups. For newborns and children a few months old we designed CLARISS, ELLE and FIRST collections. The last one is designed for parents sharing a bedroom with a toddler. You can find a crib, nursery furniture, as well as a double bed. The other two contain only children's furniture with no accessories for parents. Furniture from the Simple, BEEP and PLUS series is reserved for children of several years old. These collections include children's chairs, desks, children's beds, bunk beds, bookcases and much more. All preserved in multicoloured colours, as well as in a variety of shapes. Youth furniture can be found in the CLICK, ELLE SPECIAL and FRAME series. Their look is modern and their use is functional, which is sure to appeal to the teenager. Our general range of children's furniture includes wardrobes, chests of drawers, bookcases, desks, kids chairs, beds, shelves and quite a few other products. Check out our range of nursery furniture and fill your child's room with convenience, functionality and comfort.