Corner sofas

Corner sofas are a type of sofas that are great for large houses and flats where a lot of household members live. What is important, corner sofas from our furniture store are extremely comfortable and convenient, and their high quality will allow you to use them for many years.

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Corner sofa NEST I


The Nest corner sofa bed is a convenient and comfortable piece of furniture with a quickly unfolding sleeping function by means of an extendable trolley with a mattress. A characteristic feature of this piece of furniture is modern design with subtle decorative elements.

LIVIA corner sofa bed


The structure of the corner is made of durable and solid natural wood, the filling is made of soft wave springs and flexible polyurethane foam. The corner sofa has a large and spacious container for bedding. The corner is characterized by modesty, and the modern design perfectly emphasizes the uniform color of the fabric, delicate curves and subtle stitching.

Corner sofas for large families

Our furniture store has something for large spaces and numerous families in its assortment - namely, corner sofas. This is great for those who want to spend time together with their numerous household members. Because every flat and home has an individual style, our corner sofas are created in a variety of colours as well as sizes. In addition, they come in a variety of shapes, patterns, and styles, which is great for adding variety to your interiors, but also fitting in and enhancing your comfort. In addition, we move with the times, so a lot of our corner sofas are created in a modern style. There is also something for fans of old-fashioned and classic solutions. By betting on our corner sofas, you can be sure that you are buying not only stylish and aesthetic design, but also reliability and quality.

Corner sofas - solid and good quality

We know how important it is to match your furniture to the décor of your home. For this reason, our furniture store has created furniture collections that can make this task easier for you. Such a solution will be especially useful if you complete furniture for the entire flat, buying it only in our furniture store. For those who prefer modernity, we recommend corner sofas from the ENZO I, NEST II and SOPRANO II collections. The first of the given series is a suede corner sofa, based on a wooden structure that guarantees solidity. Its great advantage is the wide range of colours in which you can choose that right colour. NEST II is a very functional collection. You can sleep soundly on this corner sofa via the sleep function using a mattress trolley. Such a solution is perfect for a guest room, living room, as well as for small flats, where there is not enough space for a bed and a sofa. SOPRANO II, on the other hand, is a two-coloured corner sofa, the colour variants of which you can choose yourself. It is an ideal decor solution for elegant and lavish flats and houses. If you want to discover other styles of our corner sofas, please browse our range.